About Us

Home School Advisor has been created to promote the idea of schooling children at home.

Is it really a good alternative to public and private schools?

And where do you start as parents?

All such questions are answered right here on our website. Since homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular and acceptable it is necessary to understand the dynamics and responsibilities that are attached to it. Even the basic concept of homeschooling can be misinterpreted several times.

Homeschooling is a progressive movement all over the world which focuses on educating children at home instead of providing them with private or public school education. This is a choice the parents make due to various reasons such as dissatisfaction with the education system, peer pressure or bullying in the school premises, inability of child to move according to the pace of the rest of the class, lack of moral or religious value education or even if they prefer to play a larger role in the development of their child. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, the percentage of families opting for homeschooling is increasing every year and the U.S. alone has over two million students for the same. The legal requirements are to be taken care of by the parent since rules differ from state to state.

Originally, homeschooling was only practiced in rural areas or underground. But soon several books and personalities like John Holt and Dorothy and Raymond Moore started promoting educational reform. Slowly more families began homeschooling their children. Part-time education methods came up and parents thought of innovative ways to teach their children, involving outdoor studies and foreign and moral subjects. Several research studies were conducted on this concept and people became more and more comfortable with the idea of schooling children at home. Even the myth about homeschooled kids being more religious was busted as they were seen to develop in the same manner as those of public or private schools.

Our Vision

Learning starts at home

Our website aims at continuing this legacy of combining traditional methods of education with those of advanced or modern ones. We help a parent understand what homeschooling is, why is it better than public schools and what is the best method for the same. It is a parent’s responsibility to understand what their job embraces as an educator so that their precious kid can create a beautiful future for himself or herself. We also educate parents about the worldview and acceptance level of the concept so that they are assured of going on the right track. It is our motto to encourage homeschooling and we shall ensure that you make a well informed and right decision for your child.

Our Future

Giving a child the education he deserves all around the world

We hope for a world where homeschooling is the new beginning or a revolution that is even bigger than the current acceptance in the world. America will benefit greatly if eventually, homeschooling can take over private and public schools. The technological advancement that is required to facilitate this is already ready and available for the family. The widespread demand for educational reforms, changes in the educational system, and hope for a syllabus that is interesting are on the rise as well. Homeschooling is a method that is capable of adapting to such requests and already aims at implementing the reform that is required. Since parents act as the role models for their children and act as examples of good moral conduct as adults, life values can be easily learned through observation and imitation in homeschooling. This will certainly lead to disciplined and mature adults in the future, however, such a concept requires parents to be careful of their behavior at all times. We too aim to safeguard children from all sorts of negative influences and create mature and educated adults.

Together you and we can promote the wonderful system of homeschooling and be the change we want to see in the education system. The future lies in our hands.