Homeschooling is a progressive movement all over the world which focuses on educating children at home instead of providing them with private or public school education.

Our Vision

It is a parent’s responsibility to understand what their job embraces as an educator so that their precious kid can create a beautiful future for himself or herself. We also educate parents about the worldview and acceptance level of the concept so that they are assured of going on the right track. It is our motto to encourage homeschooling and we shall ensure that you make a well informed and right decision for your child.

Our Future

Homeschooling is a method that is capable of adapting to such requests and already aims at implementing the reform that is required. Since parents act as the role models for their children and act as examples of good moral conduct as adults, life values can be easily learned through observation and imitation in homeschooling.

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There are several different styles of homeschooling available for parents to pick from, however, majority of the times parents mix and match and end up creating their unique style of teaching. Often this is considered as the best method of educating the kid since aspects that are most suitable for the child can be combined […]

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Making The Decision Of Home Schooling For Your Family: Pros And Cons

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This is a choice the parents make due to various reasons such as dissatisfaction with the education system, peer pressure or bullying in the school premises, inability of child to move according to the pace of the rest of the class, lack of moral or religious value education or even if they prefer to play a larger role in the development of their child.



The trend of homeschooling tends to be increasing with no indications of any downfalls.

Around 3 percent of the children between the age groups of 5 to 17, known as school-age children opted for homeschooling in the U.S in the academic year of 2011-12.


Homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular around the world. It is legal and recognized in most of the countries around the world. United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are some of the countries where this concept or movement is prevalent and acceptable.