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Best Method To Teach Kids At Home

There are several different styles of homeschooling available for parents to pick from, however, majority of the times parents mix and match and end up creating their unique style of teaching. Often this is considered as the best method of educating the kid since aspects that are most suitable for the child can be combined and applied. This is one of the major benefits of opting for homeschooling. Check out all the pros and cons of homeschooling. Some of the methods parents refer to before choosing the optimum combination are as follows-

1. Unschooling

Learning is an art of learning

Unschooling is a fairly natural method of teaching and learning. It involves an informal schedule which means no rigid timetables are followed and children can learn any subject as they acquire any ability in their daily lives.

“Learning is like living in this format.”

Therefore, adults and children both follow the same method of learning. There can be one disadvantage which is no adherence to schedules which can be crucial to learn time management skills. But this method allows the parent to direct their child’s education, field studies, and daily schedules. Parents try to build up their interest in particular subjects or extracurricular activities by experimenting with the everyday timetable fixed fresh every morning. Household chores are also a part of unschooling.

2. Montessori

Provide the best learning invironment

This method of teaching emphasizes on the usage of real tools rather than toys. An example of this could be taking children to the forest to understand wildlife instead of giving them plastic animal toys or taking them to the kitchen instead of giving a kitchen set. Such a method is very effective in incorporating life values and practical knowledge. It is a holistic experience that lets students learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. Learning materials are always kept ready in such a form so that realistic and quality education can be provided immediately. Students are encouraged to find answers to all questions that they might have in their curious minds.

3. Multiple Intelligence

Education is a vision

Howard Gardner developed a system of measuring intelligence called the multiple intelligence that focused on each individual’s unique type of capabilities. Some of the intelligence was bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal etc. This method of schooling thus focuses on identifying and working as per the intelligence most possessed by the child. For example, if a child is seen to possess bodily-kinesthetic intelligence then the parent can explain the maximum number of lessons through movements and expressions. These kind of unique ways of imparting knowledge are only possible through homeschooling. This way one can play on the kid’s strength to develop more strengths.

“There are many more ways to educate a child through homeschooling but the most efficient way will be to form the most suitable plan while taking benefits of each method.”

For example, a child can be taught through equations and diagrams (logical-mathematical), while using real objects such as wooden sticks to show calculations in an environment of a lake if that is what the child prefers. It is also important to understand that there is no one right method, every child is unique and requires special attention, therefore the best method combination can vary from child to child.

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