This group of assignments in the series called Writing Strands is designed to give homeschooled third level students a grounding in the very complicated process of giving others their thoughts in written form. This level is designed for students who, in public school, would be considered ready for third or even up to seventh grade. Of course, third and seventh grade students would write much differently, but that is not a problem. Both can experience learning the skills presented in this level. It has been designed to be widely applied, for there are many experiences here that most young writers should have. Scope & Sequence: Topics covered in this level are following directions (basic), sentence & paragraph control (basic), rewriting sentences (basic), description (people), description (people's thoughts), organization (activities), organization (objects), description (perspective), story creation (creative), description (organization), description (actions), narrative events (organization), creative (narrative). (Grades 3 to 7.) The Evaluating Writing book, a valuable asset to this writing curriculum available below.

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Writing Strands: Challenging Writing Projects for Homeschoolers, Level 3

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Writing Strands, Level 3


Evaluating Writing is a teacher's guide to evaluating Writing Strands assignments. The manual address some conditions that make hard the teaching of writing: fear and insecurity, motivation, concentration, thinking through ideas, talking about mechanical problems, following directions, not wanting to rewrite, "I don't want to write," proofreading. Also includes common writing problems and how to correct them, using Writing Strands skills in other subjects, appendix, rules for drafting, spelling rules, scope and sequence for Writing Strands and index. Softcover, 96 pages.

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Evaluating Writing

Wordsmith, New Edition, Grades 7-9

Now updated! Developed by homeschool mom and popular novelist Cheaney, this innovative creative writing course takes seventh to ninth graders from learning about basic nouns and verbs to producing finished manuscripts. Easy-to-follow exercises, tips, guidelines, and systematic assignments explore sentence construction, figures of speech, description, narrative, dialogue, point of view, proofreading, revising, and much more. Even experienced writers can benefit! 100 pages, softcover from Common Sense Press.

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Teacher's Edition:
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Praised by Cathy Duffy as "one of the most concise yet comprehensive books for teaching the writing process available to home educators." From researching a topic to shaping the final essay, Stout's flexible curriculum helps young writers, grades K to 12, develop and hone their descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and expository writing skills. Helpful teaching tips for each type of composition guide you in evaluating your student's progress. 124 pages, softcover from Design-A-Study.

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Comprehensive Composition


Practical tips and expert advice from an English teacher with more than 25 years of experience! For preschool through high school (and beyond), Leonhardt's invaluable nuggets show you how to teach your children the fundamentals of writing---and make it fun for them. Watch your kids develop into fluent, independent writers! 123 pages, softcover from Random House.

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99 Ways to Get Kids to Love Writing: And 10 Easy Tips for Teaching Them Grammar - eBook

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99 Ways to Get Kids to Love Writing: And 10 Easy Tips for Teaching Them Grammar


Learn the elements of the English language needed for success! Correct grammar and a fluent writing style are fast becoming necessary requirements in our fast-paced world for academics and for life. Writing & Grammar 7 focuses on the eight parts of speech, five basic sentence patterns, and an emphasis on correct grammatical usage. Reference materials such as dictionaries, libraries, study & composition skills are also discussed. 

Kit Includes:

  • Student Worktext
  • Teacher's Edition
  • Tests & Answer Keys

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BJU Writing & Grammar Grade 7 Kit, Third Edition

Write Source Grade 7 Homeschool Package

Write Source is a student-friendly, complete language arts curriculum that integrates grammar, usage, and mechanics within an authentic writing context. With writing at the core of the program, students will learn the six traits of effective writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions) and the steps of the writing process (prewriting, writing, revising, editing, publishing) while writing on cross-curricular topics. 

Grade 7 lessons introduce instruction on persuasive prompts, using reference sources, note taking, prewriting time lines, action words, supporting details, character charts, formal/informal voice, proper adjectives, relative pronouns, ellipses to show a pause, semicolons with conjunctive adverbs, and more. 

The Student Text is written directly to the student, and follows the same format in each grade. Students are first introduced to the writing form through models and exercises; they then analyze the model and use the writing process to write a story or essay, using rubrics comprised of the six traits to revise and edit. To complete units, students write pieces across core subjects of science, social students, math and the arts. Along with descriptive, narrative, expository, persuasive, creative, and research writing, students will also learn basic grammar and editing skills that will help them successfully master the writing process. The back of the book contains two reference sections: a guide to basic grammar and writing and a proofreader's guide that covers mechanics, spelling, punctuation, and more. 766 indexed pages, hardcover. 

The wraparoundTeacher's Edition includes reduced-size student pages that are surrounded by helpful notes. Teaching suggestions with class questions are provided, along with activity answers, objectives, literature connections, and materials needed; grammar connections support grammar and mechanics instruction through noting page numbers in other available resources. Differentiated instruction for struggling, advanced, and English-language learners is provided. Graphic organizers, blackline masters, a suggested schedule, scope & sequence, and Common Core State Standards correlations are also included. 812 pages, spiralbound, soft frontcover, hard backcover. 

The Assessment Book provides a pretest, two progress tests, and a post-test which contain multiple choice questions as well as a writing assignment. 43 pages, softcover with answer key and scoring guide. 

This is the 2012 Edition of Write Source. 

This Write Source Grade 7 Homeschool Kit includes: 

  • Student Edition, 766 indexed pages, hardcover. 
  • Teacher's Edition, 812 pages, spiralbound, soft frontcover, hard backcover. 
  • Assessment Workbook, 43 classroom-reproducible pages, softcover with answer key and scoring guide. 

    Please note that while the teacher's guide refers to the Daily Language Workouts, SkillsBook, and access to Write Source Online resource, these are not included with this homeschool kit. 

    Please Note: This product is only available for purchase by homeschools, consumers, and public institutions.

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Put your students on the path to improved writing and proofreading. These 180 quick exercises provide regular practice in correcting sentences and paragraphs by ferreting out misspelled words, grammatical errors, incorrect capitalization or punctuation, changes in tense, hyperbole, and more; while reinforcing skills in usage, mechanics, spelling, and grammar. Includes answer key. Grades 5 to 8. 206 reproducible pages, softcover.

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Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Edits Level 1 - Slightly Imperfect

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Daily Warm-Ups, Daily Edits Level I (Daily Warm-Ups)


The Daily Warm-Ups series is a wonderful way to turn extra classroom minutes into valuable learning time. The 180 quick activities - one for each day of the school year - review, practice, and teach word analogies. These daily activities may be used at the very beginning of class to get students into learning mode, near the end of class to make good educational use of that transitional time, in the middle of class to shift gears between lessons - or whenever else you have minutes that now go unused. In addition to providing students with structure and focus, they are a natural path to other classroom activities involving critical thinking and writing.

Daily Warm-Ups are easy-to-use reproducibles - simply photocopy the day's activity and distribute it. Or make a transparency of the activity and project it on the board. You may want to use the activities as a take home assignment to jump start creative writing. Included in this front matter are suggestions for ways students might respond to the quotations. Or you may use your own writing prompts. These writing activities are a wonderful way to get students to explore their own ideas and articulate their thoughts. However you chose to use them, Daily Warm-Ups are a convenient and useful supplement to your regular lesson plans. Make every minute of your class time count!

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Daily Warm-Ups: Journal Writing

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Journal Writing (Daily Warm-Ups) (Daily Warm-Ups English/Language Arts)


Poetry is to language what the rose is to flora! Excerpts from Shakespeare, Keats, Browning, Whitman, Longfellow, and others introduce your students to the sublime wonders of verse. And when they're not analyzing and appreciating the works of the masters, your students will be learning about poetic devices such as onomatopoeia and personification, and writing their own odes. Help their creativity flower! 180 reproducible pages, softcover.

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Daily Warm-Ups: Poetry

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Daily Warm-ups Poetry: Level I (Daily Warm-Ups) (Daily Warm-Ups English/Language Arts)


Want to "hook" your 8- to 14-year-olds on writing? Engage their imagination and they'll pick up the pen---and the habit! Packed with stimulating starter topics, this teacher-designed resource offers sure-fire strategies for composing fiction and nonfiction; writing samples; and over 30 activities that capitalize on kids' natural desire to express themselves. 112 reproducible pages, softcover from Teaching & Learning Company.

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Getting Kids to Write!

Four Square Writing in the Content Areas, Grades 5-9

When students complain about having nothing to write about, what they really need is the ability to organize and clarify their thoughts around a topic and develop that content into sentences and paragraphs. All the help your students need about writing and learning across the curriculum is in this book. 

  • -everyday writing activities 
  • -special writing projects 
  • -poetry templates 
  • -Four Square Writing Method

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100 Writing Starters for Middle School

Inspire creative writing in middle school students with these high-interest story starters! This revised edition includes new writing starters on topics that are of special interest to today's middle schooler. 100 Writing Starters for Middle School still includes the features that have made this a Walch best-seller! Engages students with relevant topics and situations Provides writing prompts that spark creativity and foster critical-thinking skills Encourages full developed, thoughtful writing from first word to last Promotes writing success with writing assignments of a manageable length Grades 6-8 2nd Edition Reproducible teacher book

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Persuasive Writing: Writing to Persuade (4-7)

From the Writing With a Purpose Series, this workbook for grades 4-7 includes review activities teaching students how to distinguish between fact and opinion in persuasive writing. Softcover, 64 pages. Reproducible pages for classroom use.

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