Writing Strands Level 5

This group of assignments in the series called Writing Strands is designed to give homeschooled fifth level students a grounding in the very complicated process of giving others their thoughts in written form. This level is designed for students who are about fifteen years old. Of course, if a student of any age had finished the fourth level, the next year that student would be ready for this level.

Scope & Sequence: Topics covered in this level are narrative attitude (basic), sentence interest (creative), argument (organization), narrative voice knowledge (creative), active/passive voice (basic), narrative voice position (desription), order (organization), dialogue (basic), reader emotions (creative), tense control (basic), details (description), flashback (organization), foreshadowing (organization), information control (description), following a scenario (creative), letters (organization). Grade 9. Softcover, 91 pages.

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Evaluating Writing is a teacher's guide to evaluating Writing Strands assignments. The manual address some conditions that make hard the teaching of writing: fear and insecurity, motivation, concentration, thinking through ideas, talking about mechanical problems, following directions, not wanting to rewrite, "I don't want to write," proofreading. Also includes common writing problems and how to correct them, using Writing Strands skills in other subjects, appendix, rules for drafting, spelling rules, scope and sequence for Writing Strands and index. Softcover, 96 pages.

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Evaluating Writing


Learn the elements of the English language needed for success! Correct grammar and a fluent writing style are fast becoming necessary requirements in our fast-paced world for academics and for life. Writing & Grammar 9 focuses on sentence patterns, clauses, phrases and other grammar skills. Students retain this information through writing assignments that focus on comparison/contrast, reasearch essay, poetry, personal response, letter writing, devotionals and more.

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BJU Writing & Grammar Grade 9 Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition


In this age of computers and instant-messaging shorthand, it's vital that your students develop effective writing skills! This comprehensive tool teaches the basic components of expository writing---content, style, organization, and mechanics. Through practical applications including 5-paragraph essays, book reports, business letters, resumes, and major research papers, students learn how to organize and communicate their ideas. Includes tests and answer keys. Grades 8 and up. 160 pages, softcover from Wordsmiths.

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Jensen's Format Writing, Revised

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Jensen's Format Writing


Now updated! Developed by homeschool mom and popular novelist Cheaney, this innovative creative writing course takes seventh to ninth graders from learning about basic nouns and verbs to producing finished manuscripts. Easy-to-follow exercises, tips, guidelines, and systematic assignments explore sentence construction, figures of speech, description, narrative, dialogue, point of view, proofreading, revising, and much more. Even experienced writers can benefit! 100 pages, softcover from Common Sense Press.

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Wordsmith, New Edition, Grades 7-9

Teacher's Edition:
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Wordsmith Teacher's Edition


Praised by Cathy Duffy as "one of the most concise yet comprehensive books for teaching the writing process available to home educators." From researching a topic to shaping the final essay, Stout's flexible curriculum helps young writers, grades K to 12, develop and hone their descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and expository writing skills. Helpful teaching tips for each type of composition guide you in evaluating your student's progress. 124 pages, softcover from Design-A-Study.

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Comprehensive Composition


Practical tips and expert advice from an English teacher with more than 25 years of experience! For preschool through high school (and beyond), Leonhardt's invaluable nuggets show you how to teach your children the fundamentals of writing---and make it fun for them. Watch your kids develop into fluent, independent writers! 123 pages, softcover from Random House.

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99 Ways to Get Kids to Love Writing: And 10 Easy Tips for Teaching Them Grammar - eBook

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99 Ways to Get Kids to Love Writing: And 10 Easy Tips for Teaching Them Grammar


When students complain about having nothing to write about, what they really need is the ability to organize and clarify their thoughts around a topic and develop that content into sentences and paragraphs. All the help your students need about writing and learning across the curriculum is in this book. 

  • -everyday writing activities 
  • -special writing projects 
  • -poetry templates 
  • -Four Square Writing Method

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Four Square Writing in the Content Areas, Grades 5-9

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Four Square: Writing in the Content Areas for Grades 5-9

Writing Skills, Book 2, Grades 7-9

Writing Skills for the Adolescent teaches writing in a series of logical steps and can be used as a teacher's guide for the Writing Skills series or as a foundation for teachers own materials. As students write and improve sentences, they also learn grammar and spelling, generate ideas, compose topic and supporting sentences, use transitional words, and progress from paragraph to essay writing. Sample compositions and an annotated bibliography conclude the book. Writing Skills 1 and 2 present the material and method discussed in Writing Skills for the Adolescent in workbook form. For Grades 4-6, 7-9.

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The Writer's Toolbox: A Writing & Grammar Handbook for Christian Schools

The Writer's Toolbox covers all eight parts of speech and the seven sentence patterns in detail. It explains grammar, usage and mechanics rules and provides an overview of the writing process and strategies for effective writing. The text discusses research skills such as using the dictionary, using the library and documenting sources in a research paper. Included are up-to-date examples of MLA documentation style and a sample research paper. For use with Grade 9, Second Edition only; optional

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