BJU Press' Writing & Grammar 11 covers parts of speech, sentence structure, phrases, clauses, punctuation, critical responses to literature, the narrative poem, hymns, writing strategies, library and study skills, and more while emphasizing their application to writing. Throughout the course, students will have opportunities to strengthen writing skills through specific writing projects such as analytical essays, editing exercises, research papers, memoirs, interviews, and more. Grade 11. 3rd Edition

This kit includes: 

  • Student Text; 468 pages, softcover. 
  • Teacher's Guide; 494 pages, spiral-bound soft front-cover, hard back-cover with CD-ROM. 
  • Test Packet; glue biding 
  • Test Answer key; loose-leaf and three-hole punched. 

    This resource is also known as Bob Jones Writing and Grammar Grade 11 Kit.

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BJU Writing & Grammar Grade 11, Third Edition

Writing Strands Level 7 Grade 11

This group of assignments is designed to give seventh level students (generally advanced high school students, if they haven't used Writing Strands) an introduction to the very complicated process of giving others their thoughts in written form. Scope & Sequence: This level covers moving chracters (creative), organizing reports (report), describing for purpose (creative), resolving conflicts (creative), point of view (expository), controlling readers (creative), reporting of surveys (report, exposition), argumentative exposition (essay), book report (report), scientific reports (report), interviewing (creative report), solving problems (creative), emotional reactions (creative), individualizing characters (creative). Grade 11.

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Evaluating Writing is a teacher's guide to evaluating Writing Strands assignments. The manual address some conditions that make hard the teaching of writing: fear and insecurity, motivation, concentration, thinking through ideas, talking about mechanical problems, following directions, not wanting to rewrite, "I don't want to write," proofreading. Also includes common writing problems and how to correct them, using Writing Strands skills in other subjects, appendix, rules for drafting, spelling rules, scope and sequence for Writing Strands and index. Softcover, 96 pages.

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Evaluating Writing


In this age of computers and instant-messaging shorthand, it's vital that your students develop effective writing skills! This comprehensive tool teaches the basic components of expository writing---content, style, organization, and mechanics. Through practical applications including 5-paragraph essays, book reports, business letters, resumes, and major research papers, students learn how to organize and communicate their ideas. Includes tests and answer keys. Grades 8 and up. 160 pages, softcover from Wordsmiths.

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Jensen's Format Writing, Revised

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Jensen's Format Writing


This book is the third and last of the Wordsmith Series. Wordsmith Apprentice (for 4th-6th grades) is designed to awaken children to the varieties, possibilities, and fun of writing. Wordsmith: A Creative Writing Course for Young People addresses youngsters at the classic age of introspection (junior high) and helps them use their own experience as material for effective self-expression. With Wordsmith Craftsman (for 10th grade and up) the student learns to branch out, using writing skills for communication, organization and reasoning. Answer key included.

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Wordsmith Craftsman

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Wordsmith Craftsman Grd 10 +

Write Source Grade 11 Homeschool Package

Write Source is a student-friendly, complete language arts curriculum that integrates grammar, usage, and mechanics within an authentic writing context. With writing at the core of the program, students will learn the six traits of effective writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions) and the steps of the writing process (prewriting, writing, revising, editing, publishing) while writing on cross-curricular topics. 

Grade 11 lessons introduce instruction on reflective narrative essays, satires, analyzing a poem, social-issue research papers, character grids, T-charts, historical contexts, comparisons, prepositional phrases, hyphens to form adjectives, colons after salutations, quotation marks to punctuate titles, and more. 

The Student Text is written directly to the student, and follows the same format in each grade. Students are first introduced to the writing form through models and exercises; they then analyze the model and use the writing process to write a story or essay, using rubrics comprised of the six traits to revise and edit. To complete units, students write pieces across core subjects of science, social students, math and the arts. Along with descriptive, narrative, expository, persuasive, creative, and research writing, students will also learn basic grammar and editing skills that will help them successfully master the writing process. The back of the book contains two reference sections: a guide to basic grammar and writing and a proofreader's guide that covers mechanics, spelling, punctuation, and more. 782 indexed pages, hardcover. 

The wraparound Teacher's Edition includes reduced-size student pages that are surrounded by helpful notes. Teaching suggestions with class questions are provided, along with activity answers, objectives, literature connections, and materials needed; grammar connections support grammar and mechanics instruction through noting page numbers in other available resources. Differentiated instruction for struggling, advanced, and English-language learners is provided. Graphic organizers, blackline masters, a suggested schedule, scope & sequence, and Common Core State Standards correlations are also included. 845 pages, spiralbound, soft frontcover, hard backcover. 

The Assessment Book provides a pretest, two progress tests, and a post-test which contain multiple choice questions as well as a writing assignment. 59 pages, softcover with answer key and scoring guide. 

This is the 2012 Edition of Write Source. 

This Write Source Grade 11 Homeschool Kit includes: 

  • Student Edition, 782 indexed pages, hardcover. 
  • Teacher's Edition, 845 pages, spiralbound, soft frontcover, hard backcover. 
  • Assessment Workbook, 59 classroom-reproducible pages, softcover with answer key and scoring guide. 

    Please note that while the teacher's guide refers to the Daily Language Workouts, SkillsBook, and access to Write Source Online resource, these are not included with this homeschool kit.

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Praised by Cathy Duffy as "one of the most concise yet comprehensive books for teaching the writing process available to home educators." From researching a topic to shaping the final essay, Stout's flexible curriculum helps young writers, grades K to 12, develop and hone their descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and expository writing skills. Helpful teaching tips for each type of composition guide you in evaluating your student's progress. 124 pages, softcover from Design-A-Study.

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Comprehensive Composition


Practical tips and expert advice from an English teacher with more than 25 years of experience! For preschool through high school (and beyond), Leonhardt's invaluable nuggets show you how to teach your children the fundamentals of writing---and make it fun for them. Watch your kids develop into fluent, independent writers! 123 pages, softcover from Random House.

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99 Ways to Get Kids to Love Writing: And 10 Easy Tips for Teaching Them Grammar - eBook

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99 Ways to Get Kids to Love Writing: And 10 Easy Tips for Teaching Them Grammar


Writing Skills 3 helps high-school students organize ideas, argue points, support their arguments, and understand the process of expository writing. This workbook provides individual exercises and suggestions for group activities on 8 forms of exposition. Writing Skills 3 helps students improve sentence sense, build critical thinking and test-taking abilities, and become fluent and confident writers.

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Writing Skills, Book 3

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Writing Skills