Usborne Homeschool Book Club

Introducing our new Usborne Book Club

Usborne Book Club rewards you for your purchases by allowing you to purchase books throughout the year for birthdays, holidays, or whatever the occasion may be and earn credit for FREE books.

How does the Book Club Work?

You order your books through the E-Show of Usborne Books Website, that I as your consultant will set up for you.

You set the ending date for your E-Show. You can have it go for a short time or up to a year.

When family and friends shop from your E-Show, you earn even more FREE books!

To Collect your free books contact me, Sherri Jones, your consultant to end your E-Show and place your final order.

Your orders will be tallied and I will place the order for you along with your free books. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

What are the Usborne Book Club benefits?

Purchasing through your E-Show any time during the year and have those purchases count towards your FREE books.

Web Only Specials purchased through your E-Show count too!

Books purchased as gifts through your E-Show may be mailed directly to the recipient.

Preview New Titles 4 times a year!

To get started today, just let me, Sherri Jones, your consultant know you are interested and I'll take care of the rest! It's easy, fun and rewarding! Why not start earning free books for your family today?

Usborne Books Free Book Allowance Chart:

Retail SalesFree books
$200.00- $249.99$35.00

The allowance extends as high as your sales go. Simply add $10.00 to the Free Books total for every $50.00 in sales over $350.00. There is a $2.00 fee for the free books plus shipping and tax.

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