Spelling Power is a multi-sensory, multi-level spelling customized program that will help your students master the rules of spelling in only 15 minutes a day! A 5 minute test starts off the day, which helps to review, check retention, and preview new words to study. For the next 5 minutes, you'll test misspelled words, and for the remaining 5 minutes, you'll test new words, picking up where you last left off. In only those 15 minutes, you'll be on your way to mastering the 5,000 most frequently used words, phonetic principles, and spelling rules! Glossary, Scope & Sequence, Verifying Research, and sections on dictionary and proofreading skills are also included. A Quick Start Seminar DVD has been added to this new fourth edition, along with a Teacher's Resource CD-ROM. The DVD contains the author introducing each element in the Spelling Power Program, followed by a real homeschool families completing each step. The CD-ROM contains forms used in the program, including printable skill-building activities, a searchable word list and even more helpful tools and hints. 330 pages, softcover.

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Spelling Power, Fourth Edition with DVD

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Spelling Power, Fourth Edition

Spelling Power Blue Student Record Book, Grades 2-4

The Spelling Power program calls for the use of two different forms daily, as well as a number of forms on a level-by-level basis. These forms are integral to the proper use of the program. Each Student Record Book provides enough forms for one student to master the words on at least one level of Spelling Power. You are also provided with forms for placement and delayed recall testing and a student progress chart. Conveniently bound, with all forms printed in light blue so that student's own handwriting stands out, the Student Record Books provide you with a valuable record of your student's work. How to select the Student Record Books: These are available in three sizes of lines. Select the line size appropriate for your student's "natural" writing size. Blue Student Book 1/2" for 2-4th Green Student Book 3/8" for 4-6th Yellow Student Book - no mid line grade 6 and up

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A Reason For Spelling, Level C: Teacher Guide & Student Worktext

How do children best learn to spell? Research says it takes more than just rote memorization and drill. Activities with a purpose are the key! And what better purpose than learning Scripture values.

Every weekly lesson begins with a story - a contemporary theme story that develops key principles found in that week's Scripture verse. Daily lessons continue to build on this theme and help make learning to spell FUN! In addition, A Reason For Spelling®encourages regular personal writing activities in a values-based setting. This gives children a meaningful context for focusing on correct spelling.

A Reason For Spelling® combines the latest research on how children learn to spell with all the strengths of traditional programs. It integrates spelling with reading, writing, and language arts, while teaching children all the high-frequency base words, plus hundreds of other word forms as well!
A Reason For Spelling® covers six grade levels, with over 200 pages of learning activities in each student workbook. In addition, the detailed Teacher Guidebook provides a wealth of enrichment ideas!

A Reason For Spelling® incorporates a variety of successful teaching techniques: daily practice, self-correction, visual imaging, detailed student feedback, learning games, the test/study/test sequence, and much more. It also includes special activities in every lesson to help motivate visual, auditory, tactile, and multi-faceted learners.

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BJU Press Spelling Grade 3 Homeschool Kit (2nd Edition)

Work on spelling and writing skills with BJU Press' Spelling 3! Each student workbook chapter includes a list of pattern words with some review words and memory words. A variety of exercises are given throughout the week, including dictionary and proofreading exercises, spelling patterns, and homophone/analogy skills; a final test is to be given on Friday. 154 pages, softcover. 

The included teacher's guide provides a 5-day approach to spelling that uses the recall-study method. Full-color student pages are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid. The margins provide day-by-day teacher notes that feature semi-scripted questions, answers, lesson instructions, and a variety of activities to help build vocabulary and reference skills. List practice exercises are on the included teacher's CD-ROM. 3rd Grade. Spiral-bound; 152 pages plus appendices. 2nd Edition. 

This kit includes: 

  • Student Workbook 
  • Teacher's Guide
  • BJU Press was formerly known as Bob Jones; this resource is also called: Bob Jones Spelling Grade 3 Spelling, 2nd Edition.

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Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout Grade 3 Homeschool Bundle (2002 Edition)

Interesting and varied exercises provide a fun path to successful spelling! Based on a phonetic model, cross-curricular reading passages, high-interest writing activities, flexible lessons, and motivating activities, help Spelling Workout students move from simple sound-letter relationships to more complex spelling patterns. 

The 36 lessons in the Student Workbook each focus on a spelling rule, pattern, or origin. Level C, Grade 3 covers consonants; short-vowel sounds; long-vowel sounds; prefixes: y as a vowel; contractions; homonyms; and more. 

The course is organized around a test-study method. Students take a pretest, self-correct and rewrite words, study through the practice exercises, and take a final test. Student lessons include fun riddles and puzzles, and conclude with a wrap-up and review; cumulative reviews of multiple chapters are also provided. 

The Teacher's Edition provides a 3-day and 5-day schedule; activities for reinforcing spelling patterns; example dictation sentences for the lessons' pretest and final test; bonus words; review lessons; tips for ESL learners; a writer's corner; and take-it home masters. Reduced black-and-white copies of the student pages have the correct answers overlaid; teaching notes are provided in the margins. The scope & sequence follows MCP's "Plaid Phonics" so curriculum can be correlated. Objectives state the goal of each lesson. 

Level C corresponds to Grade 3. 2002 Revised Edition. 

This Spelling Workout Homeschool kit includes: 

  • Spelling Workout C Student Book, 188 pages, softcover. 
  • Spelling Workout Teacher's Edition, 164 pages, softcover. 
  • Parent's Guide Pamphlet, 5 pages.

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ACSI Spelling Grade 3 Student Edition Revised

Expand your student's spelling abilities and writing skills with this colorful and extensive spelling book. Revised, this second edition features three main emphases: solidifying letter-sound relationships; employing more visual strategies for spelling; expand word difficulty; and use spelling words in context. With now 20 words per list, students will be exposed to a broad base of words that emphasize that lessons' word family or rule. Built around a transportation theme, children will love the bright photographs and related questions, stories and activities. Lessons include a word list, definition exercises, proofreading, contextual stories, misspelling practice, rule instruction, phonics and fun games, writing practice and more. 181 pages, softcover; 36 lessons. A mini-dictionary, handwriting model sheet and "my words" list are also included. 3rd Grade. Teacher's Edition also available.

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Teacher's Edition:
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Building Spelling Skills Book 3, Second Edition

Christian values, uplifting quotes, and reminders to pray for help or thankfulness are noteworthy elements of this spelling workbook. Phonics principles presented instruct children how to spell words with beginning consonant sounds, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, diphthongs ou and ow; words with ar and or; word endings; words with er, ir, and ur; and diphthongs oi and oy. 

Vocabulary-building is emphasized through contextual exercises as well as a lesson dealing with word meanings. Word-bank, crossword, fill-in-the-blank, and other exercises are included, helping children gain familiarity with how words and sentences are constructed. Test sheets are included at the back of the book. Teacher-Parent help is required. This second edition features updated fonts and other minor aesthetic changes; two-tone pages don't distract from the content. 131 pages, softcover. 3rd Grade. 2nd Edition.

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Answer Key:

Success In Spelling, Level 2

This program is designed to help children obtain successful spelling techniques. It has been said that good spellers are born. This is not true. It is true spelling comes easier for some than for others, and there is evidence that the primary function of the brain affects that process. However, good spellers are those who not only can memorize and remember how a word LOOKS, but also the rules which apply to spelling.

Each level contains daily instructions, test sheets with the words listed for you, games, and a spelling success formula. Success in Spelling 2 suggested for grade 3.

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