Once you use these science books, you will never go back to the old way of teaching. These teaching tools bring excitement and creative illustrations to learning. And another great thing about Great Science Adventures is that these books contain reproducible pages for the Lots of Science Library Books” your learners create. You won't believe how interested the students are, when using books they make themselves. 

Great Science Adventures is an incredible value. Each book contains 24 lessons, with 2-3 lessons completed each week. The unique format contains activities and basic content appropriate for grades K through 8. Perfect for multilevel teaching or if you want to challenge your advanced students individually. You will not find this amount of value in a single science book anywhere. 

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Lifepac Science, Grade 8 (Physical Science I), Complete Set

The LIFEPAC Science (Physical Science I) complete set contains all 10 student workbooks for a full year of study plus the comprehensive Teacher's Guide.

Topics covered include:

  • Science and Society
  • Structure of Matter Part 1
  • Structure of Matter Part 2
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Energy Part 1
  • Energy Part 2
  • Machines Part 1
  • Machines Part 2
  • Balance in Nature
  • Science in Technology

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A Reason for Science, Level H, Complete Homeschool Kit

Now packaged as one all-inclusive, kit  A Reason for Science includes everything necessary for a year's worth of scientific discovery. The full-color, 36-lesson, student workbook is designed to develop critical thinking skills; each week, students begin with a hands-on activity demonstrating a key science concept, which is followed by discussion, journaling & comprehension questions, summary, and related scriptural object lesson. Each hands-on activity has step-by-step directions and is accompanied by illustrations for each step.

Level H is designed for Grade 8, and covers life cycles; mitosis and meiosis; fertilization; genetics; forces and energy; energy conversion; inertia; air pressure; global magnetism; topography; fossils; density; changes in matter and more.

The included teacher's guide contains an overview of the course, as well as lesson-notes that surround reduced student pages. Instruction includes noting general categories; specific topic focus; objective, overview, additional comments, options for alternative procedures, teacher-to-teacher notes, direct instruction with some scripting, field trip & guest speaker ideas, answers, and other important teaching information. 

You don't have to hunt all over the house for hands-on activity and experiment supplies; everything you need for each grade's work is included in the Team Materials Kit. Contents are specific to each grade, and contain everything from common household objects to harder-to-find materials in a snap-top plastic case, approximately 13" x 8" x 4.5".

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Exploring Creation with Physical Science, Second Edition--2 Volumes

Newly updated, this preparatory course for high school biology features more color illustrations; fuller responses to student questions; easy-to-perform experiments; in-text graphics for online resources; and additional material for advanced learners. Topics include the atmosphere; hydrosphere; weather; structure of Earth; environmentalism; physics of motion; Newton's laws; gravity; and astrophysics. Textbook is 510-page hardcover; solutions & test book is 206-page softcover. From Apologia. For 8th grade students.

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Space and Earth Science Grade 8--Student Text (3rd Edition)

The Student Text is newly revised to proclaim God's handiwork through study of the physical universe. Affirming the young earth Creationary view of the Earth's history and rejecting the uniformitarian/evolutionary models pervading our culture, the material presents a testimony of God's judgment and plan for redemption through the study of scientific philosophy and models, outer space meteorology, geology and oceanography/hydrology. Lab activities are included. Teacher's Edition listed below.

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Walch Science Literacy Series: Earth Science, Student Text

Provide insight into news-making phenomena!

  • Explores key concepts including rocks and minerals, continental drift, volcanoes, earthquakes, and more
  • Builds critical-thinking skills
  • Promotes concept understanding among all students, especially those who read below grade level

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Science Around the Year

What can pine cones tell you about the weather? Why are pale-colored objects cooler than darker-colored ones? How do crickets hear? Packed with experiments, projects, and facts for every season, this resource introduces kids to astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics. Step-by-step activities, as well as clear explanations of concepts, provide hours of fascinating, safe, hands-on, and low-cost science fun! 122 pages, softcover from Wiley & Sons.

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Give your students a thoroughly Christian introduction to the underlying principles of matter with Christian Kids Explore Chemistry. Featuring conversational, accessible lessons that can be used with students in multiple grades, this easy-to-use homeschool curriculum will get everyone involved in science. Lessons focus on the basics of chemistry (including matter, measuring, elements, molecules, and compounds) as well as concepts such as bases and acids, states of matter, biochemistry, and more. 

Units and lessons follow a consistent format. Units begin with a short introduction that provides objectives, vocabulary, and materials needed; a coloring page and a unit "wrap-up" multiple-choice assessment are also included.

Individual lessons include:

  • A "Teaching Time" passage to be read aloud or independently (Scripture and defined terms are in the margin)
  • Five fill-in-the-blank review exercises
  • A "Hands-On Time" activity that reinforces concepts from the lesson (materials needed list and step-by-step directions provided)
  • A "Think about It" critical-thinking exercise based on the results from the Hands-on Time activity

    The included Companion Resource CD includes daily lesson plans, all reproducibles, materials lists, and a bonus literature study guide. 

    Units include: 

    • The Basics of Chemistry
    • Atoms and Molecules
    • The Nature of Chemistry
    • States of Matter 
    • Organic Chemistry

      This book features 30 lessons, each designed to take approximately one week. If taught twice per week (reading during one science period, activities during the other) lessons will take approximately 60-90 minutes each day. One-year curriculum. Grades 4-8, though some activities for younger students have been included. Answer key provided; fully reproduced questions with bolded correct answers. Extensive book and resource list with appropriate grade levels also included. 

      356 indexed pages, softcover. Reproducible consumable workbook (reproduction allowed for families). Scripture from the NIV.

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History of the Horse

This guide is designed for the primary and intermediate grade levels. This course covers the most well known breeds such as Arab, Thoroughbred, Morgan, Lipizzaner and others. It is designed as a read-a-loud course with student and teacher participation.

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Horizons Health 7th & 8th Grade Set

Help students navigate basic hygiene, safety, and fitness skills in this engaging health curriculum! Units focus on one or two main health concepts that are developed at each grade level; parents may teach them in any order. The mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health are covered, providing ways for students to develop basic life skills from a Christian perspective. 

Seventh and Eighth-graders will learn about staying healthy with this workbook & teacher's guide set. Full-color workbook pages cover all sorts of relevant health topics through readings of real-life examples, sentence completions, charts, reflection exercises, essay questions, role playing games, and other activities are included. 

The Teacher's Guide covers making friends & peer pressure; decision making skills; spiritual health; communication skills; living in a community; hygiene; and sex & abstinence. Unit overviews include goals, background information, suggestions for integrated vocabulary, unit resources, and lesson resources. Lessons provide step-by-step directions for class-time, including any preparation, objectives, and necessary background information. Related activities offer interdisciplinary ideas, extended study, discussion, or interactive group ideas. Answers are included. Grades 7 & 8. 

This kit includes:

  • 1 Student Workbook, 98 pages, magazine-style binding 
  • 1 Teacher's Guide, 330 pages, softcover.

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Presents biblical truth about bodily health for teens in the context of right relationships and healthy behavior. Trustworthy curriculum encourages right choices, reflects eternally significant value of knowing Jesus Christ. Authored by experienced Christian educator with a view to providing strong Christian health curriculum materials. 216 perforated pages.


This innovative collection of activities is based upon science principles, many of which are explained by Newton's laws. The labs range from exploring breathing and digesting, investigating skin, nutrition and the five senses, examining the brain and more! Many of the labs provide data tables, explanation, advice, additional information, encouragement, and an answer key. You'll find that each Lab is designed to encourage your students to THINK and SOLVE PROBLEMS and, after all, isn't that what science is all about? Newton would approve. Grades 4 to 8.

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