Thorough knowledge of a subject area begins with a solid foundation.  Veteran educator and large animal veterinarian, Dr. Joey Hajda, builds this foundation with you in a gentle, friendly manner.  Bone-by-bone, structure-by-structure, learn the anatomy of the bovine skeletal system.

     Broken into thirteen (13) lessons, discussion begins with planes of dissection and directional terms followed by general bone groupings, parts and tissues.  Exploration continues with bones of the rear limb followed by bones of the forelimb.  The vertebral column and pelvis are presented next followed by a thorough examination of the skull and mandible.  Beautiful, close-up photography and videography makes learning a joy.
     Course materials include an 8-disk DVD set consisting of over 270 minutes of live instruction accompanied by a 134-page, full color guidebook complete with diagrams allowing for practice of identification of bones and structures.  This is the perfect resource for the aspiring veterinarian or animal health technician.  Please note that the printed guidebook and DVD set must be purchased separately and will ship from different locations. NOTE: PLEASE USE THIS DISCOUNT CODE: EQKCSDVC WHEN ORDERING FRIENDLY ANATOMY! IT IS AWESOME! (

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Friendly Biology opens the world of biology to high school students in a gentle, non-intimidating manner.  Students are led through meaningful, well-written lessons and lab activities with the goal of attaining a greater respect for the beauty and complexity of living things. NOTE: PLEASE USE THIS DISCOUNT CODE: EQKCSDVC WHEN ORDERING FRIENDLY BIOLOGY! IT IS AWESOME! (

Topics covered include:

  • Characteristics common to all living things;
  • Basic chemistry as it pertains to living things;
  • The roles of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids in living systems;
  • Cytology;
  • Mitosis and meiosis;
  • Chromosome duplication and protein synthesis;
  • The importance of pH in living systems;
  • Methods of reproduction
  • Mendelian genetics
  • Taxonomy

Second half of text includes:

  • A survey of members of each kingdom of living things with emphasis placed on various classes and orders of importance;
  • An overview of all body systems of humans and
  • Ecology of living things.

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Friendly Chemistry is a truly unique approach to teaching introductory chemistry.  Used by home schoolers and charter, public and private school students world-wide for over ten years, Friendly Chemistry presents what is often considered an intimidating subject as a genuinely fun, enjoyable experience.  Whether you're a high-school aged student needing a lab science course or a "non-traditional" student looking for a refresher course to help you prepare for an upcoming entrance exam, Friendly Chemistry can help you accomplish your goal in a "painless" way!   If you do have aspirations of a future in a science field, Friendly Chemistry can give you the solid foundation you need to succeed in subsequent courses. NOTE: PLEASE USE THIS DISCOUNT CODE: EQKCSDVC WHEN ORDERING FRIENDLY CHEMISTRY! It is an awesome program! (

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Student Text, Teacher Edition 1 & 2, Manipulative Set:

BJU Press Biology Grade 10 Homeschool Kit, 4th Edition

Ensure your high school students' science curriculum covers all the bases from a biblical perspective! BJU Press' Biology curriculum highlights God's power and glory in creation as they learn about cellular biology, genetics, taxonomy, microbiology, botany, zoology, and human anatomy. When studying topics such as creation and evolution, human cloning, abortion, and stem cell research, students are pointed to Scripture and are encouraged to develop a biblical perspective about these topics. 

This kit includes:

  • Biology Student Text, 4th Edition, 674 pages, softcover 
  • Biology Teacher's Edition with Teacher's Toolkit CD, 4th Edition, 1430 pages, two-volumes spiralbound with soft frontcover and hard backcover. 
  • Biology Lab Manual Teacher's Guide, 4th Edition, 280 pages, spiral bound 
  • Biology Lab Manual, 4th Edition, 230 pages, softcover 
  • Biology Tests, 4th Edition, 25 tests, gum-binding 
  • Test Answer Key, 4th Edition, loose-leaf 

    This resource is also known as Bob Jones Biology Kit, Grade 10, 4th Edition.

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Lifepac Science, Grade 10 (Biology), Complete Set

The LIFEPAC Science (Biology) complete set contains all 10 student workbooks for a full year of study plus the comprehensive Teacher's Guide.

Topics covered include:

  • Taxonomy 
  • Basis of Life 
  • Microbiology 
  • Cells 
  • Plants: Green Factories 
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Inheritance 
  • Cell Division and Reproduction 
  • Ecology and Energy 
  • Applications of Biology

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Exploring Creation with Biology (2nd Edition), 2 volumes

Designed as the first high school-level science study a homeschooler takes, this new edition of Dr. Wile's biology curriculum includes more color illustrations; clarified explanations; easier experiments; and a website with links to extra helps. Sixteen modules cover cell life, genetics, creation science as an alternative to evolution, ecology, insects, plants, reptiles, mammals, and more. Includes a 200-page test/solutions book. 594 pages, hardcover. For 9th grade students.

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Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity, Student Text (Second Edition) Grades 10-12

Give your students a solid understanding of God's creation with this updated and improved Biology Text. Full-color photos, illustrations and charts throughout clearly display concepts discussed and help with visualization of terms and processes. From the scientific method to biochemistry to body systems and biogeography, each chapter looks at how God's plan and purposes are evidenced in creation. Scientifically accurate and true to a 6-day/young-earth creationism, Biology provides a scientific education that acknowledges God's role throughout. Review questions and suggestions for advanced study are included. Grades 9-12. 418 pages, hardcover, 2nd edition.

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Curriculum for high school designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of all important health issues. Directs teens toward making wise choices. Biblically-based. Scientifically-sound. Hardcover, 464 pages.

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Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum has Scripture as its foundation, fully integrating biblical principles, wisdom, and character-building concepts into education. Students move at their own speed through the self-instructional "PACE" workbooks. Following the mastery approach, PACEs are formatted for students to complete the exercises found throughout the workbook, take a practice "self test," and conclude with a "final test" (torn out from the center) to measure understanding. 

School of Tomorrow's high school Health curriculum helps students to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of understanding how their bodies work and how to take care of them. This set includes PACEs 1-6 and covers: 

  • General health and safety 
  • Importance of good health 
  • Protecting your health 
  • Rest, Exercise 
  • Well-balanced diet 
  • Cleanliness and grooming 
  • Care of the body 
  • Physical Fitness 
  • Nutrition 
  • Health Hazards 
  • Mental and Emotional Health 
  • First Aid, 
  • And more! 

    Paperback booklets. High School. PACEs 1-6.

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Lifepac Electives: Health, Complete Set

Help your teenagers cultivate healthy bodies and souls---in the context of Christian faith! Five units cover body essentials (mankind's place in creation, human growth and development); physical health (nutrition, exercise); social and mental health (wise choices, relationships, hygiene); health care (preventative and first aid); and responsible living (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, the environment). Includes student workbooks with tests and spiralbound teacher's guide with answer key.

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