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State Homeschool Laws

Learn more about your state's homeschooling laws.

Curriculum Recommendations

There is a multitude of curriculum to choose from, which can make the task of choosing a curriculum very overwhelming. From our own experiences and the experiences of other homeschoolers we have known, we have put together a list of quality curriculum from various publishers that have stood the test of time. Check out our homeschool curriculum recommendations for grades 1-12. Choose either Christian and Secular or you can choose from both lists, according to your student's needs.

Placement Tests

In order to tailor a curriculum according to your child's need, you can also consider these placement tests for your assistance:

We welcome your questions, they are very important to us. In fact, answering questions are a priority over anything else on our website. I hope the above information will help you in your quest of homeschooling.

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For your convenience our homeschool curriculum is organized by grade level and subject. Also find great gifts for homeschool students.

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