Bob Jones Reading 2, Home School Kit

Compelling stories, cheerful illustrations and age-appropriate text encourage reading in children, and the Biblical themes reinforce Christian character. Phonics and discussion questions emphasize comprehension. 

Kit Includes:

  • Teacher's Edition Set and Video
  • Two Student Textbooks
  • Student Worktext
  • Visuals Flip Chart
  • Worktext Answer Key

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Saxon Phonics 2, Home Study Kit

Saxon Phonics 2 is a success oriented program that sequentially builds upon a student's prior knowledge. Each new concept is introduced in manageable portions and reviewed daily for maximum retention, helping children become increasingly confident readers. 
This kit includes a completely scripted, spiral-bound (781 page) Home Study Teacher's Manual that covers each lesson step-by-step, from instructions to activities and questions; this accompanies the two tablet style, three-ring-punched student workbooks. A Literature Extension guide is based upon a core reading list that helps with comprehension and analysis. Interactive teaching tools include review decks, kid cards, rule book, phonics audiotape, and video instruction guide. An alphabet strip, irregular spelling book and mini-coloring storybooks are also included. All books are softcover.

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Can you teach your children to read in just 10 minutes a day? Yes, with this acclaimed program! Progressive lessons present each alphabet letter by its sound and then blend letter sounds to form basic words. Advanced exercises introduce whole sentences. Includes teacher's manual and lesson plans. Nonconsumable. Grades K to 4. 168 pages, spiralbound softcover from Paradigm.

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Sing, Spell, Read & Write, Level 1 (Edition 2)

A complete incentive based reading program. Includes 6 cassette tapes, one music CD, student workbooks, 17 graduated phonetic readers with a combined total of 960 pages, raceway chart and car, games, phonics place mat with dry erase surface, dry erase marker and eraser, treasure chest and prizes all packaged in a plastic bin. Add a 30 minute instruction video for the parents and complete teacher instructions to make a truly user friendly system. 2nd edition. Grade level 1, from International Learning Systems.

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MCP "Plaid" Phonics will help your child become a fluent reader. Activities help develop spelling (encoding), recognize words in context, and use phonics in word-building and personal writing. It provides a direct instructional model for integrating phonics and reading through reading activities.

Level B

Students are empowered to become independent readers, with greater emphasis on word analysis, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. Level B engages children with more advanced phonics skill lessons focus on increasing fluency and critical thinking activities to help process words more efficiently and with meaning.

MCP "Plaid" Phonics works side by side with Spelling Workout to reinforce key spelling and phonics skills.

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Student Edition:

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Now in its tenth edition, Phonics Pathways teaches students of all ages the rudiments of phonics and spelling with an efficient and practical method. 

Students are first introduced to short-vowel sounds with notes on diacritical marks, two illustrations to help with sounds, and a bingo game before moving on to two-letter blends (eyerobics). Charts combine sounds which students read until it becomes second nature. Three-letter words are introduced with many charts which students read across the page to blend letters into three letter words; t win-consonant endings, consonant digraph endings, suffix sounds, long-vowels, plurals, consonant digraph beginnings, r-modified vowels, and other phonetic lessons are covered through an introductory page with teaching tips and then charts for students to read until they can decode the words. Organized by sounds and spelling patterns, Phonics Pathways introduces patterns one at a time and slowly build them into syllables, words, phrases, and sentences. Printed in a large 8-1/2" x 11" lay-flat format for easy photocopying, Phonics Pathways is filled with illustrative examples, word lists, and practice readings that are 100 percent decodable. While appropriate for K-2 emergent readers, this award-winning book has also been used successfully with adolescent and adult learners, as well as second language learners and students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. 267 pages, softcover. 

This 10th Edition now includes pictures illustrating every sound introduced, lessons in dividing multi-syllable words, and nonsense word reviews to ensure learning.

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This collection of helpful teaching aides is designed to be used with the sold-separately Phonics Pathways. This booster pack includes 46 double-sided flash cards that illustrate the sounds and spelling patterns of the English language; "Speaking Pathways", a lively 35-minute audio CD that demonstrates the sounds of spoken English; and three fun phonics games: Word Works, which reviews and reinforces phonics reading skills, Blendlt, which reinforces knowledge of beginning spelling patterns, and The Train Game, which features individual "train car" cards that kids put together to make longer words. These powerful phonics teaching tools can be used with beginning readers, English language learners, dyslexic students, or children with attention deficits. Lime green & black two-tone illustrations. Softcover.

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Based on the principles of internalizing (spelling), recognizing (reading), composing (writing) and comprehending (understanding) words, Spell to Write and Read utilizes phonics to teach spelling. Seventy phonograms and twenty-eight spelling rules are the basis for everything else learned, and is presented in a positive manner instead of filled with exceptions to the rules. Each lesson is filled with historical and spelling notes on each concept, and is filled with examples, demonstrations and activities for each new rule or phonic. Filled to the brim with information to spell and compose. Spelling lists are included. This overall teacher's manual replaces Teaching Reading at Home & School as the companion to the spelling list in Wise Guide for Spelling. 238 pages, softcover.

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Reading Made Easy Student Activity Books

This workbook has student activities in the sold-separately Reading Made Easy. These workbooks include:

  • word/picture match-ups and other exercises to strengthen phonics and decoding skills. 
  • sentences, poems, and mini stories to develop reading comprehension. 
  • copy work passages from Reading Made Easy with space to complete the writing exercises. 
  • space for the drawing and creative writing exercises suggested in Reading Made Easy. 

    The Reading Made Easy Student Activity Books offer parents and teachers the structure to ensure that their students sufficiently review the material in each lesson before moving on to new concepts. It also enables the students to create notebooks which display the material they have learned. Softcover.

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