Home Study Kit--Algebra 2, Third Edition

This Saxon Algebra 2 Home Study Kit includes the Student Textbook, Testing Book and Answer Key. Traditional second-year algebra topics, as well as a full semester of informal geometry, are included with both real-world, abstract and interdisciplinary applications. Topics include geometric functions like angles, perimeters, and proportional segments; negative exponents; quadratic equations; metric conversions; logarithms; and advanced factoring. Student Text is 558 pages, short answers for problem/practice sets, an index and glossary are included; hardcover. 

The Test book contains both student tests and solutions with work shown along with the final answer. 32 tests are included. 

The Answer key shows only the final solution for the practice and problem sets found in the student text. 44 pages, paperback.

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Saxon Algebra 2 Solution Manual, 3rd Edition

This Saxon Algebra 2 Solutions Manual accompanies the Saxon Algebra 2 Student Textbook, 3rd Ed. Solutions are given in order of chapter and problem/practice set order. Answers are listed with simplified steps shown for complete grading. 370 pages, softcover. 3rd Edition.

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Saxon Algebra 2 Kit & DIVE CD-Rom, Third Edition

Get everything you need for a successful and pain-free year of learning math! This kit includes Saxon's 3rd Edition Algebra 2 textbook and tests/worksheets book & answer key, as well as the DIVE Algebra 2 CD-ROM. A balanced, integrated mathematics program that has proven itself a leader in the math teaching field, Algebra 2 covers geometric functions like angles, perimeters, and proportional segments; negative exponents; quadratic equations; metric conversions; logarithms; and advanced factoring.

The DIVE software teaches Saxon lessons step-by-step on a digital whiteboard, each lesson averaging about 10-15 minutes in length. Because each lesson is stored separately, you can easily move about from lesson-to-lesson as well as maneuver within the lesson you're watching.

System Requirements: 

  • Windows & Mac 98 or higher (including Vista) 
  • Speakers 
  • CD-ROM Drive 

    This Kit Includes:

  • Saxon Algebra 2 Math Textbook, 558 pages, hardcover, 3rd Edition 
  • Saxon Algebra 2 Test Book, 3rd Edition 
  • Saxon Algebra 2 Answer Key, 3rd Edition 
  • DIVE Algebra 2 CD-ROM, for the 3rd & 2nd Edition

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The Saxon Teacher for Algebra 2, Third Edition on CD-ROM

Want some help with your Saxon Math? Saxon Teacher is designed for you! Four discs feature lessons explained by a trained Saxon Teacher utilizing a white board; students are walked through each lesson, practice, & problem set. Problem Sets are accessed individually, while Practice Sets are presented in one continuous video so students can quickly review the teacher's solutions after working the problems themselves. The fifth CD features step-by-step solutions to each test question. Students view the lessons while following along in the textbook, pausing to read certain sections on their own; example problems are designed to be worked alongside the teacher. This kit includes 5 CD-ROMs that will work on both Macs and PCs, but not TVs.

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BJU Geometry Grade 10 Homeschool Kit, Fourth Edition

The BJU Press Geometry curriculum covers the fundamental key concepts of geometry, including reasoning, proof, parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, area, circles, similarity, an introduction to trigonometry, and more. Fun features are included throughout; "Geometry in history" historical-fiction narratives highlight key mathematical contributions, "Technology Corner" notes use dynamic geometry software to visualize and discover geometric concepts, while "Geometry Around Us" features show how geometry is used in careers and daily life. Chapters introduce the concept and are followed by multiple step-by-step examples. Expanded exercise sets reinforce new concepts and connect skills to previously learned concepts. A cumulative review helps keeps concepts fresh throughout the year. 678 pages, softcover. 4th Edition. Grade 10.

This resource is also known as the Bob Jones Geometry Student Textbook, 4th Edition.

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Lifepac Math, Grade 10 (Geometry), Complete Set

The LIFEPAC Math (Geometry) complete set contains all 10 student workbooks for a full year of study plus the comprehensive Teacher's Guide.

Topics covered include:

  • A Mathematical System 
  • Proofs 
  • Angles and Parallels 
  • Congruency 
  • Similar Polygoms 
  • Circles 
  • Construction and Locus 
  • Area and Volume 
  • Coordinate Geometry 
  • Review

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Algebra 1 Student Book

Teach your children not only how to do algebra, but why they're doing it! Using manipulatives, concrete and abstract reasoning, and mathematical thinking, Quine moves your students beyond simply learning facts and memorizing formulas as they explore algebraic principles, equations, variables, polynomials, the Pythagorean theorem, and more. Ages 12 and up. Includes answer key. 333 pages, softcover from Cornerstone Curriculum.

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Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 Complete Kit, Version 2.0

Created for the independent, homeschooling student, Teaching Textbooks has helped thousands of high school students gain a solid foundation in upper-level math without constant parental or teacher involvement. Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 covers fractional equations, powers and exponents, second-degree equations, equations with variables, inequalities, absolute value, and other important Algebra 2 topics. 

Extraordinarily clear illustrations, examples, and graphs have a non-threatening, hand-drawn look, and engaging real-life questions make learning Algebra 2 practical and applicable. Textbook examples are clear while the audiovisual support includes full lectures (reading the textbook), practice and solution CDs for every chapter problem, homework problem, and test problem. The review-method structure helps students build problem solving skills as they practice core concepts and rote techniques. 

Teaching Textbooks' new Algebra 2 Version 2.0 edition now includes automated grading! Students watch the lesson on the computer, work a problem in the consumable workbook, and type their answer into the computer; the computer will then grade the problem. If students choose to view the solution, they can see a step-by-step audiovisual solution. Version 2.0 also includes a digital gradebook for multiple students, parent and multiple student accounts, interactive lectures, and second chance options. In addition, twenty new lessons on more advanced topics with 150 extra problems and solutions have been added! These new features mean that this 2.0 version is not compatible with the 1.0 edition. 

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 2.0 includes the following new features:

  • Automated grading 
  • A digital gradebook that can manage multiple student accounts and be easily edited by a parent. 
  • Twenty new lessons on more advanced topics and over 150 extra problems and solutions
  • Interactive lectures 
  • Hints and second chance options for many problems 
  • Animated buddies to cheer the student on 
  • Reference numbers for each problem so students and parents can see where a problem was first introduced 
  • An index
  • Detailed appendices

This kit includes:

  • 770 page, spiral bound, softcover student text with 137 lessons. 
  • 134 page softcover Answer key & test bank with answerslisted in order of chapter. 18 Tests included. 
  • 12 CD-ROMs with over 120 hours of total instruction time.

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Ensure your students know the real-life value of math! Integrating a problem-solving focus into your math classes, this guide to algebra covers high-school topics in the context of everyday scenarios. Topics covered include algebra, linear sentences, lines and distance, slopes and lines, parabolas, quadratic equations, and more. 92 reproducible pages, softcover. Grades 9-12. Revised edition.

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Real Life Math: Algebra

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Real-Life Math for Algebra, Grade 9-12


Help your students really learn key geometry concepts!  Hands-On Math: Pre-Algebra will give students a hands-on experience representing abstract ideas, as they learning about real numbers, absolute value, algebraic expression, and more. Formerly titled "Math for All Learners: Pre-Algebra". 98 reproducible pages, softcover. Teacher notes included. Grades 9-12.

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Hands On Math: Pre Algebra


Lay a solid foundation of algebra proficiency with this BIG collection of ready-to-use materials. A unique 3-step approach helps students master concepts and skills, one activity at a time. Physical models teach "patterns." Pictorial models---diagrams and tables---develop and test retention. Puzzles, problems, and graphic calculator and computer assignments encourage exploration and application. Grades 7 to 12. 640 reproducible pages, softcover from Wiley & Sons.

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Hands-on Algebra! Ready-to-Use Games & Activities for Grades 7-12

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Hands-On Algebra: Ready-To-Use Games & Activities for Grades 7-12


Ensure your high school students graduate with the financial smarts they need to transition into saavy consumers! 

The Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool course is a complete, dynamic, high school curriculum that teaches students about saving, investing, credit, debt, money management, and more from a biblical perspective. Specifically licensed for homeschool use only, this kit includes five DVDs with 12 hours of instruction from Dave Ramsey and a team of experts; a teacher's guide CD-ROM complete with activities, case studies, answers keys, and assessments; and one student text. High School. 

This set includes: 

Teacher's Edition on CD-ROM: This brand new addition to the Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool curriculum is a 160-page digital teacher guide on CD-ROM with more than 35 activities, case studies, and assessments. 

Instructional Videos: This set of 5 DVDs offers more than 12 hours of engaging classroom instruction taught by Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze and Chris Hogan.

Student Text: The Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool Student Text is a comprehensive, 288-page student soft-cover consumable. 

foundationsU Blended Learning Site: The Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool curriculum comes with access to a blended learning site. FoundationsU.com is full of interactive tools, relevant articles, and real-world activities on a student-focused website designed for all devices.

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Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool Kit, New Edition


Show your high school students how math is used in everyday life with this supplementary course. Includes 10 student workbooks covering creative arithmetic and advanced computing skills; family finances such as income taxes, budgets, and interest rates; construction trades; service occupations; transportation; business services and payroll; occupational diagrams and housing plans; plus solution and test keys. For students who have had Algebra 1 and Geometry.

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Consumer Math: LIFEPAC Electives Curriculum Kit


Educate your students on the importance of sound financial choices with Life of Fred's trademark humor and pizzazz. Designed to fulfill the need for personal financial literacy skills that math books don't often cover, readers will learn about income and spending ratios, debt, budgeting, setting goals, investments, and other necessary knowledge for functioning as an adult with financial solvency. . . while keeping the perspective that there are more important things than money! "Your Turn to Play" exercises are included throughout, but rather than focusing only math skills, often ask students to reflect upon their priorities, the differences between wants and needs, and where to allot items or expenses. Answers are given on the next page.

Life of Fred: Financial Choices covers: What Jane Austen Said about a Single Man with a Good Fortune; the Difference Between Income and Assets; Between Expenses and Liabilities; Two Ways to Compute Your Financial Health-Budgeting vs. Net Worth; Needs vs. Wants; Three Arguments Against Overspending; Which Assets Lose Value Quickly; Fiat Currency; Figuring Future Value under Compound Interest; Figuring How Long to Pay off a $5,000 Loan at 18% Interest with Payments of $80/month (Most College Graduates with Science Majors Don't Know How to Compute That); Setting Goals for Your Life: Financial/Physical/Family/S piritual/Mental; Factors in Deciding Where to Live-16 Questions to Help Decide; Detailed Guide to the Five Asset Classes-Real Estate, Education, Paper, Things, and a Business That You Own; Buying Furniture, Clothes, and Cars; Buying vs. Renting a Place to Live; How to Decide How Much to Spend-Fancy or Cheap? And more.

176 pages, indexed, hardcover with smyth-sewn binding. Answers are also included in the text and written directly to the student.

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Life of Fred: Financial Choices

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Life of Fred Financial Choices

Consumer Math Success Kit, Second Edition

Teach your kids math skills they'll use every day! Offering clear explanations, worked-out examples, and real-life practice problems, this practical, alphabetically arranged resource develops expertise in more than 50 areas, including banking, budgets, credit, grocery shopping, heating costs, housing, income tax, investing, nutrition, sales tax, utility bills, travel planning, and more. Features helpful end-of-chapter teacher notes and answer key. 318 reproducible pages, softcover.

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The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve [Paperback]

Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magicians' secrets are unveiled. We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A dry and boring subject? Just wait! You'll be hooked in five minutes. Reads like a detective story  which it really is. But it's all true. This book is about the most blatant scam of all history. It's all here: the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity. Creature from Jekyll Island will change the way you view the world, politics, and money. Your world view will definitely change. You'll never trust a politician again  or a banker.

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Money Smarts: A Family Money Management Game

MoneySmarts simulates a year of family financial planning and decision making within 8 to 10 class periods. Students are grouped into families that include a wage earner, a financial manager, and a dependent. The families develop 12 monthly spending plans based on needs, wants, values, goals, and resources. They deal with unpredictable elements of money management through randomly selected monthly emergencies and quarterly financial bonuses.

This book's reproducible pages give you all the materials you need to set up and run the game. You get a page of financial concepts, outlines of family incomes and expenses, planning sheets for each month, paychecks, slips for the financial emergencies and bonuses, worksheets, and a final quiz. Detailed instructions and evaluation suggestions help you present this simulation easily and effectively in your classes.

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