Progeny Press Study Guides provide teachers, parents, and students with literary analysis based upon the foundation of the Bible. Examining well-written literature in relation to biblical standards, students will develop and refine how they deal with man's philosophies while learning about the craft of writing. Progeny Press Study Guides deal with literature as works of art and philosophy as they explain and use literary terms; deal with plot construction; dig into character studies; and bring attention to themes and ideas the author has crafted.

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Across Five Aprils Progeny Press Study Guide

Anne of Green Gables Progeny Press Study Guide

Redwall Progeny Press Study Guide

Shadow Spinner Progeny Press Study Guide

A Wrinkle in Time Progeny Press Study Guide

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Progeny Press Study Guide

The Witch of Blackbird Pond Progeny Press Study Guide

Holes Progeny Press Study Guide

The Indian in the Cupboard Progeny Press Study Guide

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Progeny Press Study Guide

Johnny Tremain Progeny Press Study Guide

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Progeny Press Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Progeny Press Study Guide

Bridge to Terabithia Progeny Press Study Guide

The Secret Garden Progeny Press Study Guide

Maniac Magee Progeny Press Study Guide

The Eagle of the Ninth Study Guide

The Cay, Study Guide

Crispin: The Cross of Lead, Study Guide

Swiss Family Robinson Progeny Press Study Guide

The Hiding Place Progeny Press Study Guide

The Bronze Bow Progeny Press Study Guide

The Giver Progeny Press Study Guide

Out of the Dust Progeny Press Study Guide

The Golden Goblet Study Guide

Treasure Island Study Guide Booklet

Excursions in Literature Grade 8 Homeschool Kit (Third Edition)

Discover the joys of literature in the light of biblical truth with BJU Press' Excursions in Literature, Third Edition. Both color and pen-and-ink illustrations lend artistic flourish to the stories chosen to represent the themes of the units: friends, choices, heroes, discoveries and adventures. Selections represent a wide variety of cultures and time periods, including Louisa May Alcott, Katherine Mansfield, Langston Hughes, O. Henry, Amy Carmichael, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charles Dickens, traditional folklore and the text of Donnalynn Hess' In Search of Honor. Small textboxes define unfamiliar vocabulary words and provide information about the author; each chapter concludes with Thinking Zone questions designed to test students' interpretive, literal, critical and appreciative responses to the selection. 

This kit includes:

  • Teacher's Guide with CD-ROM, 720 pages, 2 spiral-bound books with reduced student text and correct answers overlaid.
  • Student Text; 608 pages, softcover
  • Tests
  • Test Answer Key 

    This resource is also known as Bob Jones Excursions in Literature Homeschool Kit, Grade 8, 3rd Edition.

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Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Grade 8, Activity Gray

The LLAL Student Activity Book contains student instructions for independent work, enrichment exercises such as word puzzles, analogies, logic/reasoning activities and more that are only found in the Student Activity Book. (Answers found in Teacher'S Book.)

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Teacher's Edition:
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This revision of McGuffey's Eclectic Readers features materials applicable to the various reading levels. Many of the stories, poems, and pictures appear as they did in the first edition, but with a more readable print and also a different layout. Each of the volumes is geared to a particular reading level, and provides vocabulary, phonics and cursive writing exercises. These are based on the original readers, with some minor revisions to make the language more understandable for the current times. Stories and poems have been added. There is a primer and six volumes of readers, each reader progressing to a higher grade level. Could be utilized for entire school experience.

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McGuffey's Eclectic Readers Primer through the Sixth Reader 7 Volumes

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McGuffey's Eclectic Readers 7 Volume Set Primer Through The Sixth Revised Edition

Reading Comprehension in Varied Subject Matter, Grade 8

Used successfully by classroom teachers, tutors, ESL teachers, and parents, these workbooks have just been revised and updated, with the addition of new reading selections, new vocabulary, and a new writing exercise. Each workbook has thirty-one selections in different subject areas. Within each workbook there are themes that relate the selections to one another, show different aspects of a topic, and give students a broad knowledge of the topic. Selections follow a consistent format: About the Passage introduces the selection to the the reader; Reason for Reading explains the reading skill emphasized; The Selection; Thinking it Over lists two to three broad questions to be answered in writing; Studying the Passage asks questions about the main idea, facts, and sequence, and asks students to draw conclusions, make assumptions, and interpret. Using the Words encourages students to use new vocabulary words in a paragraph, and Writing About It has students answer questions about the contents of the selection and offer their interpretation or opinion.

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Once upon a time, a carpenter entered a forest and happened upon a wolf wearing a feathered cap. Quick, whose side are you on? If you don't know, then keep reading. Stories provide a road map for life. This is because stories are life. But oftentimes it's easiest to understand where we are when we can look through other eyes-from the perspective of someone else, living somewhere else, some when else. 

If you thought you knew The Book Tree, think again. Jane and Elizabeth have updated this charming book with over 100 new book reviews, and whimsical illustrations from recommended titles are scattered throughout. New formatting and four indexes (title, author, illustrator, and subject) make it easier than ever to browse for that next well-worn favorite.

For those beginning to read for the first time or those beginning to read again, The Book Tree will drop golden apples in your lap, until you can climb high enough to pick for yourself. Paperback.

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The Book Tree: A Christian Reference to Children's Literature (2nd edition)

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The Book Tree: A Christian Reference for Children's Literature, 2nd Edition


Good storytelling teaches---whether heard, read, or  seen. Through cinema, your students can learn to critique narrative content and form, identify underlying messages, and analyze from a moral standpoint. The Stouts' guide includes plot summaries, discussion and composition questions, extended-study activities, and teacher's guide for 17 movies (chosen for literary merit and effective filmmaking). Use as a one-year high school course or supplement to grades 7 to 12 English. 335 pages, softcover from Design-A-Study.

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Movies as Literature

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Movies as Literature

Student Workbook:
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Movies As Literature Student Workbook

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Movies as Literature Student Workbook