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Welcome to our affordable curriculum guides! I have created these for a couple reasons. First, I want to help enable as many parents as possible who desire to homeschool. Secondly, I believe this would be beneficial for those new homeschool parents that have chosen to pull their child out of public school midway through the year. (It is an economical option to homeschool, without the normal cost of a regular curriculum.) Due to these difficult economic times, I've tried to provide an option that would work better for families. These curriculum guides will do the job, and cover just what the student needs to learn for the year. You may want to be aware however, that some of the books on this list are not as in-depth as a regular curriculum. If you have any questions about these lists, please feel free to contact me through our link above called, "Have questions about homeschooling?" High school homeschool students will need a more in-depth curriculum, therefore their curriculum recommendations are more costly than the grade school lists. I did my very best to keep costs down and still recommend a good curriculum. I hope this is beneficial to your family.

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For your convenience our homeschool curriculum is organized by grade level and subject. Also find great gifts for homeschool students.

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