Lifepac Social Studies, Grade 1, Complete Set

Complete student and teacher materials for a full year's study. The following topics are covered in the 10 Lifepac workbooks for the curriculum year: I am a special person; Communicating with sound; I have feelings; I live in a family; You and God's family; Places people live; Community helpers; I love my country; I live in the world; The World and you. The 1st Grade History & Geography Boxed Set contains all 10 student worktexts, plus a comprehensive Teacher's Guide.

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Early American History: A Literature Approach for Primary Grades

Now revised and expanded, Rea and Joshua Berg's award-winning Early American History: A Literature Approach for Primary Grades features full-color pages plus additional books, resources, activities, comprehension questions, and web links.

Covering 1000 AD through the mid-1880s, this Charlotte Mason-based guide will introduce K-3 students to the Viking encounters, exploration, colonization, the American Revolution, and Western Expansion. 

Based upon living books, parents read literature (sold-separately) from great authors such as the D'Aulaires, Walter Edmonds, Alice Dalgliesh, Clyde Robert Bulla and others while following the lesson plans in this convenient guide. Organized into easily followed, simple, bullet-point lessons, students will learn the history of America along with corresponding biblical principles, poetry, geography, character studies and more! Students will complete a separate notebook where their reports, poetry, copy work, and other written work is kept. Though designed as a one-year course, it can be stretched to two years, depending on your pace. Contains 107 lessons and it is suggested that 2-3 lessons be completed each week.

37 full-color pages, softcover. Non-reproducible, non-consumable resource. All required books sold -separately. 

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Early American History Time Line

This Time Line is designed for the student to assemble as they study the corresponding persons and events in America's rich history. As the student cuts, pastes and colors the figures, it should reinforce a continuity of key events in the time period. Students should be encouraged to do this as an art project.

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Heritage Studies 1 Kit (3rd Edition)

Gain a thorough understanding of American history with Heritage Studies for Grade 1. BJU Heritage Studies 1: The New World examines the events from pre-1000 to 1682, covering Columbus, Plymouth, trading, Native Americans and other colonial events through the lens of God's redemptive plan. Incorporating geography, American history, government, economics, world history, and culture in the student text, students will receive a foundation for later social studies. Illustrations and photographs provide visual interest and additional clarification when highlighting historical events. 

The teacher's guide features reduced-size student pages that are surrounded by teacher notes in the margin. Chapter introductions provide a content overview, objectives, and lessons with scripted questions (and answers). Activities, background information, supplemental books to read, and suggested tips are also included. The included teacher's toolkit CD includes the Activity Manual Answer Key, instructional aids, maps, and visuals. Toolkit CD system requirements are: Windows XP or Mac OS Leopard (10.5) OS, Pentium IV processor, 256 MB RAM.

The activity manual is designed to reinforce lessons through drawing, coloring, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and other fun activities. 

Evaluate student progress and comprehension with the tests that include a variety of question types.

The test answer key features full size reproductions of the student tests with the correct answers overlaid.

This 1st grade, 3rd Edition kit includes:


  • Student Text, 200 pages, softcover. li> 
  • Teacher's Edition, 204 pages, soft frontcover hard backcover, spiralbound. 
  • Activity Manual, 169 pages, softcover. 
  • Tests, non-reproducible; glue binding for easy removal. 
  • Test Answer Key, Pages are loose-leaf and three-hole-punched for easy keeping in a three- ring-binder.

This resource is also known as the Bob Jones Heritage Studies 1 Kit, 3rd Edition.

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The Story of the World, 4 Volume Set

Purchase all four Story of the World Volumes and save! Captivate your young listeners as they travel the world from the Ancient Times until the Modern Times, learning to view history in the big picture. 4 volumes, including:

  • The Ancient Times, Revised
  • The Middle Ages, Revised
  • The Early Modern Times
  • The Modern Age.
  • This can be read to children grades 1-4 and independent reading for students grade 5 & 6.

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Living Long Ago (Clothes, Transport, Food & Houses)

This book looks a the fascinating details of everyday life in the past. Find out, for example, what a Roman kitchen looked like, how Ancient Egyptians took showers, how a knight put his armor on and who used wheelbarrows with sails. Clear, simple text and bright, detailed illustrations make this book both informative and fun.

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