BJU Press Heritage Studies Grade 7 (World Studies) Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition

The world is almost incomprehensibly complex. BJU Press provides a string of biblical history to follow as the student reviews history from Creation to the coming of Christ, and then progresses in a chronological journey around the world, studying the flow of empires, cultures, Christianity, and world religions. It concludes with an examination of the trends of the emerging 21st century. 

The included student activity book provides a wide range of activities that ensures students are kept interested and engaged with the lessons; reading comprehension, map work, scripture compare-and-contrast charts, true/false, and primary document exercises that complement the primary text provide reinforcement, review, and enrichment. 

This kit includes: 

  • World Studies Student Text, 412 pages, softcover. 
  • World Studies Teacher's Edition, 397 pages, spiralbound, soft frontcover, hard backcover. 
  • World Studies Student Activities Book, 158 pages, softcover 
  • World Studies Student Activities Book Answer Key, 158 pages, spiralbound 
  • World Studies Test Pack, gum binding. 
  • World Studies Test Answer Key, loose-leaf and three-hole-punched 

    This resource is also known as the Bob Jones World Studies Grade 7, 3rd Edition Kit.

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It's full throttle in reverse when you and your family join Dave Stotts on his fast-paced, entertaining, and informative joy rides through ancient and early American history. Filled with live footage, dramatized scenes, modern graphics, Scripture readings, fun, and faith-filled commentary, these virtual vacations are perfect for ages 12 and up. Eight DVDs, three 30-minute episodes each. Closed-captioned.

This video uses primarily (but not exclusively) the NIV translation.

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Drive Thru History DVD Series, 8 Volumes


Discover why so many teens and tweens are having fun reading American history! "Most history books are boring, but your book kept me on the edge of my chair," says one thrilled sixth grader. Updated and packed with compelling photographs, instructive maps, and vivid storytelling, Hakim's series breathes life into the heroes, villains, and adventures that make up our past. (Not written from a Christian perspective.) Softcovers, from Oxford University. Book volumes are sold separately.

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A History of US, Third Edition: 11 Volumes

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A History of US: Eleven-Volume Set

Lifepac Social Studies, Grade 7, Complete Set

The LIFEPAC Social Studies (History & Geography) complete set contains all 10 student workbooks for a full year of study plus the comprehensive Teacher's Guide.

Topics covered include:

  • What Is History? 
  • What Is Geography? 
  • Anthropology 
  • Sociology 
  • Economics 
  • Political Science 
  • U.S. History and Geography 
  • U.S. Anthropology 
  • State Economics and Politics 
  • Social Sciences Review

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This easy-to-use lesson guide is designed to follow the sold-separately Early American History: A Literature Approach Guides. Built around Notebooking, as each word of literature is read, students can discuss the questions and then record what they've learned. Moving lesson-by-lesson chronologically (1800-1865), each entry includes the page numbers of the books being read, findings to record, comprehension and critical thinking questions, timelines, and other notebook assignments. Links and "Historical Help" sidebars are included throughout. Line-listed answers included. 37 pages, softcover. Grades 4-7. 

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Western Expansion Study Guide


Now revised and expanded, Rea and Joshua Berg's award-winning Early American History: A Literature Approach for Primary Grades features full-color pages plus additional books, resources, activities, comprehension questions, and web links.

Covering 1000 AD through the mid-1880s, this Charlotte Mason-based guide will introduce K-3 students to the Viking encounters, exploration, colonization, the American Revolution, and Western Expansion. 

Based upon living books, parents read literature (sold-separately) from great authors such as the D'Aulaires, Walter Edmonds, Alice Dalgliesh, Clyde Robert Bulla and others while following the lesson plans in this convenient guide. Organized into easily followed, simple, bullet-point lessons, students will learn the history of America along with corresponding biblical principles, poetry, geography, character studies and more! Students will complete a separate notebook where their reports, poetry, copy work, and other written work is kept. Though designed as a one-year course, it can be stretched to two years, depending on your pace. Contains 107 lessons and it is suggested that 2-3 lessons be completed each week.

37 full-color pages, softcover. Non-reproducible, non-consumable resource. All required books sold -separately. 

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Early American History: A Literature Approach for Primary Grades

America's Providential History, Third Edition

Washington remarked that one could "trace the finger of Providence through" of framing the Constitution. From the first preaching of the Gospel in Israel across the west to Europe and America, America's Providential History defends the idea of the Westward Chain of Christianity, explaining how America was ripe for "cultured Indo-Europeans". From this perspective, the authors trace the hand of God throughout the founding and establishment of America. Quotes from historical figures, black and white art reproductions, biblical excerpts, and sermons bring a rich flavor to the text. 293 pages, indexed, softcover. This 3rd Edition features updated statistics.

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From Sumner to the high gas prices of 2005, this collection of 87 lessons feature engaging text, time lines, maps, pre-reading questions, quizzes, activities, puzzles, and mini-biographies to dramatize critical events and places over the last 7,000 years. Newly introduced words are bolded and defined in the margins for easy vocabulary building, while "critical thinking" boxes throughout the lessons provide a point for students to stop, think, and apply what they've learned. The perfect add-on to a traditional world history course, or may be used as a complete program. A glossary and answer key for the puzzles/assessments are included. Grades 6-9. 204 pages, softcover. 

Units include: 

  • The First Civilized People 
  • Greece and Rome 
  • Empires and Civilizations Around the World 
  • The Middle Ages 
  • Europe's Power Grows Greater 
  • The Industrial Revolution 
  • Empire Building and War 
  • War Was Not a Solution 
  • Communism and the Cold War 
  • The Middle East 
  • Africa 
  • Asia 
  • Europe and the Former Soviet Union 
  • The Americas and Today's World Grades 6-9. 204 pages, softcover. Answer key included.

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Short Lessons in World History, Fourth Edition

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Short Lessons in World History


The Mystery of History Volume 1 is written from a Christian, young-earth, perspective, teaching children to see God's hand throughout history...and how the Gospel of Jesus is the mystery behind all of history! Written in a conversational style, many lessons are presented in the form of mini-biographies, integrating fascinating stories with the events of the time. Covering creation to the resurrection, students will learn about famous biblical characters, ancient peoples, and well-known men such as Aesop, Buddha, Pythagoras, Confucius, Emperor Asoka, Herodotus, Caesar, Hannibal, and Herod. 

Arranged by quarters and weeks, each quarter begins with an "Around the World" summary of events to introduce the time period; lessons progress chronologically with each week having 3 lessons, a pretest, review, and exercise or quiz. The 108 lessons will take a year to complete if you follow a traditional 36 week school year. 

Activities are broken down by age group and reinforce the material just learned through fun ideas that engage all learning styles; they're based upon the classical grammar/logic/rhetoric stages. Review exercises cover the timeline and map work exercises; quizzes are cumulative reviews that go over material from the very beginning of the course; the semester-long tests are similar (though longer), covering materials from 2 quarters (one major time period). Quarter-end worksheets help students synthesize what they've learned and keep everyone straight! Suggested Schedules for different age groups are included, as well as plenty of reproducibles. Line-listed answers included. 636 pages, activity pages reproducible, softcover, three-hole-punched and perforated pages. Grades 4-8, but adaptable for the family. 

This second edition features the following updates & improvements:

  • Over 140 new pages that enrich the lessons; broaden the scholarship level of the text; develop new activities; enhance the mapping exercises; and simplify the timeline directions. 
  • The Table of Contents has not changed, but has been improved with better chronological detail, based on the work of James Ussher. 
  • The layout has been changed to a cleaner, more-readable style, and features upgraded artistry, photos, font, and cover; an expanded reading list; Answer Key maps for all the mapping exercises; a pronunciation guide; a Bible reading list; and more.

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Creation to the Resurrection, Volume 1, Second Edition: The Mystery of History Series

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The Mystery of History, Vol. 1: Creation to Resurrection

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Mystery of History 1: Creation to the Resurrection homeschool kit in a bag


Your students will discover how God continually reveals himself in this big-picture look at world events from Pentecost to the printing press. User-friendly format features lively text, quizzes and tests, reviews, projects and activities, timeline and mapping assignments, answer keys, reproducible student pages, and more. It's classical, chronological---and complete! Grades 4 to 8. 704 pages, softcover.

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The Mystery Of History, Volume 2: The Early Church and the Middle Ages

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Mystery of History Vol 2 *NOP

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Mystery of History 2: The Early Church and the Middle Ages homeschool kit in a bag

The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (1455-1707) Student Reader, Volume 3: The Mystery of History Series

The years of the Renaissance and Reformation were years of growth and change for both the world and the church. The Mystery of History, Volume III presents the years 1461-1707 through Christ-centered lens, exploring the backdrop to and significance of major cultural and historical events, alongside events in the history of Christianity. Moving through time chronologically, achievements in art, music, literature, science and philosophy are studied using a Classical approach, with an emphasis on reading, writing, research and hands-on activities. 464 pages, full color illustrations. The Mystery of History Volume 3 Companion Guide Guide includes the activities, quizzes, tests, reproducible maps, teacher information, book lists, and everything else that is not the lesson.

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From Leif Ericson to early 19th-century culture, this engaging overview brings America's history to life in 32 weekly lessons. Students explore historic events, the atmosphere surrounding them, and their impact on the country's future. The student reader features inviting text and hundreds of images and maps. The activity book offers multisensory reviews, unit wrap-ups, map work, and more. And the teacher's guide provides scope and sequence, answer keys, games, activities, and more. Grades 5 to 8. One hardcover and two softcovers.

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The Explorers to the Jacksonians, Volume 1: All American History



Geography: A Literature Approach for Intermediate Grades uses Holling Clancy Holling's award-winning books Paddle-to-the-SeaTree-in-the-TrailMinn of the Mississippi, and Seabird (not-included; all sold-separately) to introduce children to world geography and three major regions of the United States. 

This Charlotte-Mason based literature guide uses narration and the notebook approach to give students read-aloud experience that integrates reading, reasoning, relating, and recording. Step-by-step lessons guide families through each part of the lesson, and include what chapters to read, discussion questions, vocabulary, web links to expand your study, and instructions on how to complete the mapwork designed to accompany each book. Line-listed answer key included. Grades 3-7. 23 pages, softcover.

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Geography A Literature Approach for Intermediate Grades


Designed for grades 5-12, Mapping the World by Heart includes a set of maps and a comprehensive teacher's guide that makes it easy to integrate lessons and activities into any class's existing curriculum. Combining memorization with the real use of knowledge, practice, mnemonics, large and small group activities, and games, Mapping the World by Heart inspires students to study - and love - geography.

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David Smith's Mapping the World by Heart: An Innovative Approach to Learning Geography


Unlike boring "find it & name it" lessons, this resource combines fun-filled activities, games, and projects---from wearing it, to collecting it, to eating it! You get a complete, innovative K to 12 geography curriculum incorporating history, science, math, and literature---plus a bonus CD-ROM with reproducible maps, timelines, student workbook pages, and more. 353 pages, softcover with CD-ROM from GeoCreations.

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The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide--Book and CD-ROM

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Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide 2nd Edition


When history is presented as His story rather than just an account of man's achievements, studying provides children with a greater understanding of God's nature and character. This curriculum offers practical step-by-step instruction with a biblical worldview. Lesson plans are spelled out in great detail for grades K through 12, progressing from two 20-minute periods a week to five 50-minute periods a week. 353 pages, softcover.

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The Noah Plan History and Geography Curriculum Guide

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The Noah Plan History and Geography Curriculum Guide: The Principle Approach, Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade