Heritage Studies 3 Kit (3rd Edition)

Ensure your students understand American history from a biblical perspective with BJU Press' Heritage Studies 3. In the Student Text students will learn to sequence events, summarize data, make predictions, identify sources of information, work with graphs and formulate opinions as they discover the different facets of American civics, culture, economics, geography, and history. Heritage Studies 3: Sweet Land of Liberty examines the events from the Constitutional Convention through the Civil War and Westward Expansion. 

The Teacher's Edition features reduced-size student pages that have the correct answers overlaid in 1/4 of the two-page spread. A page and a half are devoted to lesson notes, including objectives, specific teacher materials needed, teacher preparation for the lesson, notes, how to introduce the lesson, and the lesson itself. Semi-scripted lessons include questions to ask in blue; correct answers in pink; directions for what to explain, display, distribute, or other teacher actions are printed in black.

The included Teacher's Toolkit CD provides background information, instructional aids, maps and charts visuals, and more. 

The Student Activity Manual is designed to provide reinforcement of the ideas in the text; these pages include Bible connections, geography and map skill practice, study skills, and chapter reviews. Instructions are not provided in this manual, but are in the teacher's edition. A variety of exercises are provided, including graphic organizers, matching, comprehension questions, map work, multiple choice questions, and more.

The Test booklet features questions that include matching, multiple choice, identifying locations, fill in the blank, and true/false. One test per chapter is included.

The Test Key features full-size reproductions of each test with the correct answers overlaid in italic, black text. Page numbers are not referenced. Pages are loose-leaf and three-hole-punched for easy keeping in a three-ring-binder.

This resource is also known as Bob Jones Heritage Studies 3 Kit, 3rd Edition.

This kit includes:

  • Student Text 311 pages, softcover. 3rd Edition.

    Teacher's Edition, 304 pages, spiralbound with soft frontcover and hard backcover. 

  • Student Activity Manual, 137 pages, consumable workbook. Pages are perforated and three-hole-punched, with the binding deliberately detached to allow for easy removal of pages. Grade 3. 
  • Tests; not reproducible; glue binding for easy removal. 
  • Test Answer Key

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Lifepac Social Studies, Grade 3, Complete Set

The LIFEPAC Social Studies (History & Geography) complete set contains all 10 student workbooks for a full year of study plus the comprehensive Teacher's Guide.

Topics covered include:

  • Fishing In Maine 
  • Farming In Kansas 
  • Fruit Growing In Washington 
  • Forests In Oregon 
  • California - The Golden Land 
  • Cattle In Texas 
  • Coal Mining In Pennsylvania 
  • Manufacturing In Michigan 
  • Space Travel In Florida 
  • Review Of Nine States

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The Story of the World, 4 Volume Set

Purchase all four Story of the World Volumes and save! Captivate your young listeners as they travel the world from the Ancient Times until the Modern Times, learning to view history in the big picture. 4 volumes, including:

  • The Ancient Times, Revised
  • The Middle Ages, Revised
  • The Early Modern Times
  • The Modern Age.
  • This can be read to children grades 1-4 and independent reading for students grade 5 & 6.

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Now revised and expanded, Rea and Joshua Berg's award-winning Early American History: A Literature Approach for Primary Grades features full-color pages plus additional books, resources, activities, comprehension questions, and web links.

Covering 1000 AD through the mid-1880s, this Charlotte Mason-based guide will introduce K-3 students to the Viking encounters, exploration, colonization, the American Revolution, and Western Expansion. 

Based upon living books, parents read literature (sold-separately) from great authors such as the D'Aulaires, Walter Edmonds, Alice Dalgliesh, Clyde Robert Bulla and others while following the lesson plans in this convenient guide. Organized into easily followed, simple, bullet-point lessons, students will learn the history of America along with corresponding biblical principles, poetry, geography, character studies and more! Students will complete a separate notebook where their reports, poetry, copy work, and other written work is kept. Though designed as a one-year course, it can be stretched to two years, depending on your pace. Contains 107 lessons and it is suggested that 2-3 lessons be completed each week.

37 full-color pages, softcover. Non-reproducible, non-consumable resource. All required books sold -separately. 

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Early American History: A Literature Approach for Primary Grades

Early American History Time Line

This Time Line is designed for the student to assemble as they study the corresponding persons and events in America's rich history. As the student cuts, pastes and colors the figures, it should reinforce a continuity of key events in the time period. Students should be encouraged to do this as an art project.

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History Stories for Children, Second Edition

The value of storytelling has long been realized, especially in the subject of history, where storytelling has always played a central role. This selection of stories features biblical and old-world characters, as well as a strong emphasis upon American history. Illustrations and gentle chapters are written for both oral readings as well as individual silent reading. 195 pages, softcover.

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Give your children a fundamental understanding of how the nations of the world developed and the flow of U.S. history in particular with this well-illustrated overview. They'll see God's purposes for civil, family, church, and self-government---and his plan for creation. Includes chapter review and comprehension questions; exercises; and map work activities. Grades 2 to 4. 154 pages, softcover from Christian Liberty Press.

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Our Nation Under God, Grade 2

Teacher's Manual:

Our Nation Under God, Teacher's Manual

Test Book:

Our Nation Under God, Test

Heroes in American History, Grades 2-4

Enrich the social studies topics you teach with this collection of reproducible, read-aloud plays about Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, George Washington, Carver, Squanto, Neil Armstrong, and other American heroes. Plays come complete with background information, discussion questions, writing prompts, literature and Internet links, and engaging cross-curricular activities. A great way to help students meet the language arts and social studies standards.

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We the People: The Story of Our Constitution [Hardcover]

America had won the Revolution, but our troubles were far from over. The thirteen states were squabbling, the country could not pay its bills, and in Massachusetts farmers had taken up arms against the government. Was our country, which had fought so hard for its independence, going to survive? In May 1787 delegates from across the country -- including George Washington, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin -- gathered in Philadelphia and, meeting over the course of a sweltering summer, created a new framework for governing: the Constitution of the United States. Their efforts turned a shaky alliance of states into a nation that would prosper and grow powerful, drawing its strength for centuries to come from "We the people" and inspiring hope for freedom around the world.

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Ballads of American History--Book and CD

Liven up your curriculum with songs! In this book and CD set, Cooper's memorable ballads capture not only the musical style of various historical eras but plenty of names and dates, too! There's a song for Jamestown, Plymouth, the colonies, the Revolution, the Constitution, westward expansion, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the transcontinental railroad. Ages 7 and up. From Noble.

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Galloping the Globe: The Geography Unit Study for Young Learners, Updated and Revised Edition with CD-Rom

Creative and filled with ideas for traveling the world in your studies, Galloping the Globe is a unit study for kindergarten through fourth grade. Focusing on the seven continents and some specific countries, this study is designed to take 1-3 years to complete; suggested schedules are included. Integrating geography, Bible, history, science, literature, and maps & flags, children will discover the famous people from each country as well as holidays and other cultural traditions. Each country has a checklist with books to read from the core reading list as well as individual picture books, biographies, websites to visit, language arts selections, appropriate Bible references and activities unique to each portion of the world. Employing a notebooking approach, students build a notebook as they progress throughout the course. The CD-ROM includes all of the activity sheets, maps, and flags that are in the book, as well as other bonus notebooking pages. Mac and PC compatible. Maps, reports, flags, and activity pages are reproducible. 266 pages, indexed. Answer key included. Grades K-4. Softcover. 

This study is based around a core book list consisting of the following: 


  • Considering God's Creation by Sue Mortimer and Betty Smith 
  • Geography from A to Z by Jack Knowton 
  • Our Father's World by Rod and Staff 
  • Missionary Stories with the Millers by Mildred A. Martin 
  • Heaven's Heroes by David Shibley 
  • Children Just Like Me by Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley 
  • Profiles from History: Volume 1 by Ashley Wiggers 
  • Big Book of Books and Activities by Dinah Zike 
  • Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia 
  • Eat Your Way Around the World by Jamie Aramini 
  • Magnificent Mammals by Buddy and Kay Davis or Pocket Factfiles: Mammals by Adam Ward Sterling 
  • Zoo Guide by Answers in Genesis 
  • Aquarium Guide by Answers in Genesis

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The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide--Book and CD-ROM

Unlike boring "find it & name it" lessons, this resource combines fun-filled activities, games, and projects---from wearing it, to collecting it, to eating it! You get a complete, innovative K to 12 geography curriculum incorporating history, science, math, and literature---plus a bonus CD-ROM with reproducible maps, timelines, student workbook pages, and more. 353 pages, softcover with CD-ROM from GeoCreations.

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Trail Guide to U.S. Geography

Take your students on a hike across America with this course that features mapping activities, atlas use, note booking, research, creative projects---and minimal teacher involvement! Daily drills are offered at three different levels for versatility. Culminate the year with a 6-week geography-through-literature exploration with Lewis and Clark. Requires an atlas, almanac, and outline maps. Answer key included. Grades 2 and up. 127 pages, spiral bound softcover from Geography Matters.

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Trail Guide to World Geography

Requiring minimal teacher preparation, this innovative course affords the versatility of multilevel (primary, intermediate, secondary) or multi-year usage. Students trek continent-by-continent through 27 weeks of questions and projects learning key geographical terms, reading and creating maps, and more. Features daily drills and culminates with a 9-week geography-through-literature unit. Requires an atlas and outline maps. Answer key included. Grades 2 and up. 127 pages, softcover from Geography Matters.

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The Noah Plan History and Geography Curriculum Guide

When history is presented as His story rather than just an account of man's achievements, studying provides children with a greater understanding of God's nature and character. This curriculum offers practical step-by-step instruction with a biblical worldview. Lesson plans are spelled out in great detail for grades K through 12, progressing from two 20-minute periods a week to five 50-minute periods a week. 353 pages, softcover.

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