Grade 6 Quick Start Curriculum Kit

Pick up everything you need at once! Free yourself from stress and take comfort that your children will acquire the biblical and academic foundations needed for life. Compiled from multiple publishers, this kit covers the core subjects of Bible, Language Arts, History, Science, Art and Math. Grade 6. 

This Kit Includes:

  • Christian Liberty Press Studying God's Word Book G student book and teacher's manual 
  • Christian Liberty Press Iron Scouts of the Confederacy
  • Christian Liberty Press The Life of George Washington
  • Christian Liberty Press The Story of Inventions, 2nd Ed. student text, answer key, and tests 
  • Christian Liberty Press Building Spelling Skills Book 6 student text and answer key 
  • Alpha Omega Lifepac Language Arts Grade 6
  • Christian Liberty Press Story of the Middle Ages student text, answer key, and tests 
  • Pearson Learning Maps, Charts, and Graphs Level F student book 
  • Alpha Omega Lifepac Science Grade 6 Set
  • Christian Liberty Press Line Upon Line
  • Saxon Homeschool Saxon Math 7/6 Kit

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Lifepac 5-Subject Mega Kit, Grade 6

Homeschooling is full of challenges, decisions, and hard work. Get a break with Lifepac's 5-subject set! Colorful, complete, and featuring the Lifepac method of step-by-step mastery learning with hands-on activities, you'll get everything you need for your child's primary subjects. Biblically-based lessons are integrated throughout for a solid education both spiritually and academically; a simple way to teach your students exactly what they need to know! 

This Grade 6 Lifepac Mega-Set includes 10 Lifepac Worktexts and 1 Teacher's guide for each of the following subjects:

  • Bible: Old Testament & New Testament Bible Survey (A complete survey from Genesis through Revelation)
  • History & Geography: Civilizations (World geography, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, the crusades, Africa and South America, modern Eastern and Western Europe)
  • Language Arts: Handwriting, Spelling, Vocabulary, Literature (blend handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, and literature)

  • Math: Basic Math Skills (fractions, decimals, numbers to billions, percents, roman numerals, geometric symbols, converting metric units, statistics, and mental math)

  • Science: God's Creation (plant systems, animal systems, DNA, chemical structure, the Periodic Table, light and sound waves, and more)

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BJU Press Complete Grade 6 Kit

Save yourself time and the hassle of buying individual components; you'll get everything you need for your main subjects with BJU Press' complete textbook kits! BJU Press' academically-sound, biblically-based courses have helped many homeschooling families fulfill their academic and spiritual goals. 

This Grade 6 kit includes the following materials:

  • Heritage Studies 6 Teacher's Edition (includes worktext answer key) 
  • Heritage Studies 6 Student Textbook 
  • Heritage Studies 6 Student Workbook 
  • Heritage Studies 6 Tests & Answer Key 
  • English 6 (2nd Edition) Teacher's Edition 
  • English 6 (2nd Edition) Student Worktext 
  • English 6 (2nd Edition) Tests & Answer Key 
  • Spelling 6 Teacher's Edition 
  • Spelling 6 Student Worktext 
  • Reading 6 Teacher's Edition 
  • Reading 6 Student Text 
  • Reading 6 Student Worktext 
  • Reading 6 Teacher's Worktext 
  • Reading 6 Visuals Flip Chart 
  • Math 6 (2nd Edition) Teacher's Edition 
  • Math 6 (2nd Edition) Student Textbook 
  • Math 6 (2nd Edition) Teacher Packet 
  • Math 6 (2nd Edition) Student Materials Packet 
  • Math 6 (2nd Edition) Tests & Answer Key 
  • Science 6 (3rd Edition) Teacher's Edition 
  • Science 6 (3rd Edition) Student Textbook 
  • Science 6 (3rd Edition) Student Activities 
  • Science 6 (3rd Edition) Student Activities Teacher's Packet 
  • Science 6 (3rd Edition) Tests & Answer Key 
  • Handwriting 6 Teacher's Edition 
  • Handwriting 6 Student Worktext 

    This resource is also known as Bob Jones Complete Grade 6 Kit.

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Instill a love of all types of literature in your students with this "biblical principle" plan. Slater's "research, reason, and relate" method advocates the reading of whole books, incorporating the entire curriculum---geography, history, science, math---in a whole life-learning approach. Includes course charts; instruction models; sample student notebook; and step-by-step teacher directions. Grades K to 12. 368 pages, softcover from Foundation for American Christian Education.

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The Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide: The Principle Approach, Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade