Lifepac 5-Subject Mega Kit, Grade 12

Homeschooling is full of challenges, decisions, and hard work. Get a break with Lifepac's 5-subject set! Colorful, complete, and featuring the Lifepac method of step-by-step mastery learning with hands-on activities, you'll get everything you need for your child's primary subjects. Biblically-based lessons are integrated throughout for a solid education both spiritually and academically; a simple way to teach your students exactly what they need to know! 

This Grade 12 Lifepac Mega-Set includes 10 Lifepac Worktexts and 1 Teacher's guide for each of the following subjects:

  • Bible: Christian Faith & Living (Christian ministry, the Trinity, the holiness of God, James and John the apostles, Daniel, the wisdom of David and Solomon, & more.)
  • History & Geography: Government & Economics Set (The history of international and United States government, the American party system, and a study of economics, business, and free enterprise.)
  • Language Arts: English IV(grammar and language structure, the origins of language, report writing; the work Hamletand a review of classical British literature selections.)

  • Math: Pre-Calculus (covers trigonometric functions, circular functions, Pythagorean relations, laws of sine and cosine, and more.)

  • Science: Physics (kinematics, dynamics, work and energy, waves, light, electricity, magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics.)

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Grade 12 5-Subject Set, Switched-On Schoolhouse

Customize your students' education with computer-based learning! Switched On Schoolhouse provides homeschoolers with an engaging, thorough, and flexible core curriculum. Featuring 5 primary subjects --Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science --this program covers your foundational subjects for the school year. Biblically-based, interactive, and fun, you'll get a program that ensures your students receive a quality education tailored to their learning style. Nine topics per subject are provided, along with quizzes and tests. The "teacher's desktop" section provides access to answers, tests, attendance tracking, lesson plans, and other features. Software can be used for up to five students on a single computer.

Twelfth-grade students will study the Essentials of Christian Service, Government and Economics, British Literature, Pre-Calculus, and Physics.

Switched-On Schoolhouse Features:

  • The ability to save projects to your computer and upload to the SOS database when finished 
  • Automatic grading for 80-95% of student work (parents grade essays, paragraph essays and projects) 
  • Multiple reports, from format report cards and transcripts to quick daily activity reports 
  • Customizable scheduling and easy re-scheduling 
  • Text-to-Speech functionality for students to read along while hearing the text; many audio/video files have written transcripts available as well 
  • The ability to create your own course or assignment 
  • Alternate quizzes and tests 
  • Reading and Activity Logs to track activities and books read 
  • Attendance tracking 
  • Print capabilities for schoolwork done away from the computer-just enter their answers into SOS once you're at home!

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BJU Press Complete Grade 12 Kit

Save yourself time and the hassle of buying individual components; you'll get everything you need for your main subjects with BJU Press' complete textbook kits! BJU Press' academically-sound, biblically-based courses have helped many homeschooling families fulfill their academic and spiritual goals. 

This Grade 12 kit (with 2010 updates) includes the following materials:

  • American Government, Grade 12 (2nd Edition) Teacher's Edition 
  • American Government, Grade 12 (2nd Edition) Student Textbook 
  • American Government, Grade 12 (2nd Edition) Student Activities 
  • American Government, Grade 12 (2nd Edition) Student Activities Answer Key 
  • American Government, Grade 12 (2nd Edition) Tests & Answer Key 
  • Economics Grade 12 Teacher's Edition, 2nd Edition 
  • Economics Grade 12 Student Textbook, 2nd Edition 
  • Economics Grade 12 Student Activities, 2nd Edition 
  • Economics Grade 12 Student Activities Answer Key, 2nd Edition 
  • Economics Grade 12 Tests & Answer Key, 2nd Edition 
  • Writing & Grammar 12 (2nd Edition) Teacher's Edition 
  • Writing & Grammar 12 (2nd Edition) Student Worktext 
  • Writing & Grammar 12 (2nd Edition) Tests & Answer Key 
  • British Literature 12 (Revised) Teacher's Edition 
  • British Literature 12 (Revised) Student Textbook 
  • British Literature 12 (Revised) Tests & Answer Key 
  • Math 12: Precalculus Teacher's Edition 
  • Math 12: Precalculus Student Textbook 
  • Math 12: Precalculus Tests & Answer Key 
  • Science 12: Physics Teacher's Edition, 3rd Edition 
  • Science 12: Physics Student Textbook, 3rd Edition 
  • Science 12: Physics Student Lab Manual, 3rd Edition 
  • Science 12: Physics Teacher Lab Manual, 3rd Edition 

    This resource is also known as Bob Jones Complete Kit, Grade 12 (with 2010 updates).

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Instill a love of all types of literature in your students with this "biblical principle" plan. Slater's "research, reason, and relate" method advocates the reading of whole books, incorporating the entire curriculum---geography, history, science, math---in a whole life-learning approach. Includes course charts; instruction models; sample student notebook; and step-by-step teacher directions. Grades K to 12. 368 pages, softcover from Foundation for American Christian Education.

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The Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide: The Principle Approach, Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade