BJU Press Complete Grade 1 Kit, 2013 Edition


Save yourself the hassle of buying individual components; get everything you need for your core subjects with BJU Press' complete textbook kits! BJU Press' academ ically-sound, biblically-based courses have helped many homeschooling families fulfill their educational and spiritual goals. Grade 1. 2013 Edition.

This Product Contains The Following Items:

Heritage Studies 1 Kit (3rd Edition) 

BJU Phonics & English Grade 1

BJU Press Reading Grade 1 Homeschool Kit (4th Edition)

BJU Handwriting Kit Grade 1, Third Edition

Spelling 1 Homeschool Kit (3rd Edition) 

Math 1 Homeschool Kit (4th Edition) 

BJU Press Science Grade 1 Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition

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Lifepac 5-Subject Mega Kit, Grade 1

Homeschooling is full of challenges, decisions, and hard work. Get a break with Lifepac's 5-subject set! Colorful, complete, and featuring the Lifepac method of step-by-step mastery learning with hands-on activities, you'll get everything you need for your child's primary subjects. 

This Grade 1 Lifepac Set includes 10 Lifepac Worktexts and 1 Teacher's guide for each of the following subjects: 

  • Bible: God & You (Creation, God's love, Old Testament Stories, God's Promises) 
  • History & Geography: Your World (Family, Places People Live, Community, Geography) 
  • Language Arts: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Composition (Phonics) 
  • Math: Basic Math Skills (Number Order, Adding/Subtracting, Number Words, Money) 
  • Science: God's Creation (Senses, Animals, Plants, Health, Energy, Machines)

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Horizons 1st Grade Complete Curriculum Set

This full Horizons curriculum set contains everything you need to launch your student’s 1st grade school year! Make planning and obtaining curriculum easy with this conveniently packaged kit.

Horizons Grade 1 Math features 160 lessons that cover time, fractions, sets, graphs, sequencing, estimation and more, through analytical reasoning, memorization, and drills.

Horizons Grade 1 Phonics & Reading will help remove reading insecurities with a solid understanding of phonics. Students will reinforce concepts from kindergarten along with phonics rules. Fast-paced, attention-grabbing lessons cover vowel sounds, consonant and vowel blends, silent e, vowel pairs, syllables, prefixes, suffixes, and more using memorization techniques, fun-filled activities, and practical writing assignments 

Horizons Grade 1 Health helps students learn the importance of healthy choices. Consumable workbook pages, puppet dialogue, and lesson activities--such as coloring pictures, matching and identifying objects, cutting and pasting, and writing simple words--examine topics like understanding the growing body, making healthy choices, the five food groups, healthy snacks, dealing with feelings, developing empathy, preventing health problems, and developing safety awareness inside and outside the home. Designed to be taught 2-3 days per week; 48 lessons.

Horizons Grade 1 Spelling & Vocabulary features fun lessons that involve puzzles, word searches, and creating writing projects as students learn to spell frequently-used words, sight words, phonetic words, and word lists containing rhyming patterns. The spelling dictionary will also familiarize your first grader with alphabetizing and the meaning of spelling words as used within the context of a sentence.

Horizons Grade 1 Penmanship teaches the basics of manuscript handwriting and promotes increased control when forming upper- and lower-case letters on ½″ lines as well as a basic understanding of capitalization and punctuation rules. Plus, beautifully bordered pages provide writing practicing for weekly Scripture verses; bordered pages can be copied, decorated, and shared with others.

The full Horizons curriculum set includes: 


  • The Horizons Grade 1 Phonics & Reading Set, which includes two student workbooks, two companion readers, and a teacher’s guide.
  • The Horizons Math Grade 1 Set, which includes: two student workbooks and a comprehensive teacher's guide.
  • The Horizons Grade 1 Health Set which includes a teacher’s guide and student workbook.
  • Horizons Grade 1 Spelling & Vocabulary Set which includes a student book, teacher's guide, and dictionary 
  • Horizons Grade 1 Penmanship, which includes one student workbook and a teacher’s guide

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The Noah Plan: Literature Curriculum Guide

Instill a love of all types of literature in your students with this "biblical principle" plan. Slater's "research, reason, and relate" method advocates the reading of whole books, incorporating the entire curriculum---geography, history, science, math---in a whole life-learning approach. Includes course charts; instruction models; sample student notebook; and step-by-step teacher directions. Grades K to 12. 368 pages, softcover from Foundation for American Christian Education.

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