Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: 180 Daily Teaching Lessons, Grade 12 Teacher Text

This teacher's guide accompanies Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 12 Student Workbook. Concepts are expanded and reviewed through bold-font lesson discussion ideas for teachers to communicate to their students. Classroom reproducible student pages are included, with line listed answers in the back. 180 Days included. Softcover.

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Applications of Grammar Book 6: Mastering Communication Skills

Mastering Communication Skills teaches students basic and advanced grammatical rules and principles. Paragraphs and composition, participial phrases, gerunds and infinitives, adverbs, adjectives, noun and pronoun clauses, mood of verbs and other concepts are all covered. Lessons contain explanations of the principles followed by examples and exercises. 245 pages with index and glossary. Book 6, Grade 12.

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Writing & Grammar Grade 12 Homeschool Kit (3rd Edition)

BJU Press' Writing & Grammar Grade 12, 3rd Edition student worktext gives students many different types of opportunities to improve their writing skills. Chapters teach the writing process; writing descriptive, compare/contrast, persuasive and extemporaneous essays; understanding how parts of speech operate; reviewing agreement; identifying clauses; writing a research report; writing a college application essay; pronouns reference; punctuation; and more. Writing samples begin each chapter, providing a model for students to follow for writing exercises, while example sentences help students to identify elements of grammar. Chapter reviews are included in the back.

The wrap-around text teacher's guide includes lesson plans that identify key objectives, help you guide your student through the writing process, and suggest ways to present grammar and usage concepts. Each chapter includes a variety of teaching strategies. The included teacher toolkit CD-ROM includes pretests, teaching helps for display or practice, ESL helps, concept reinforcement worksheets, writing worksheets, writing rubrics, bulletin board sketches, and sentence diagram answers. Reduced student pages have the correct answers overlaid.

The tests include matching, map quizzes, short answer, essay, true/false and multiple choice questions. Tests are not reproducible; they include a test for each chapter.

The test answer key includes full-size reproductions of each test with the correct answer overlaid in italic text. Selected page numbers are referenced. 

This 12th grade kit includes:

  • Student Worktext, 472 pages, indexed, softcover. 12th Grade. 
  • Teacher's Edition, 472 pages, spiral-bound, soft frontcover, hard backcover. 
  • Test Booklet, non-reproducible; glue binding for easy removal. 
  • Test key, Pages are loose-leaf and three-hole-punched for easy keeping in a three-ring-binder.

This resource is also known as the Bob Jones Writing and Grammar Grade 12 Kit, 3rd Edition.

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At last... the popular Caught'ya technique of teaching English is adapted especially for the needs of high school teachers. Turn drudge into delight. Three Shakespeare comedies help high school English teachers teach grammar, mechanics, usage, vocabulary, and literary devices. Jane Bell Kiester transforms Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Much Ado About Nothinginto adaptable Caught'ya sentences that appeal to high school students at any level -- from basic skills and dropout prevention through high honors and advanced placement. 

The resource includes literacy devices., a funny mix-and-match menu of Elizabethan swear words; teaching suggestions and lessons plans; end-of-the-year tests and keys; corrected Caught'ya sentences; and a grammar and usage quick- reference section. 

The Bard comes alive with sparkling dialogue and direct Shakespearean quotes sprinkled throughout. Each story includes all the grammar, mechanics, usage and vocabulary that a high school English teacher needs to teach for the entire school year. It takes only minutes a day.

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The Chortling Bard: Caught'ya! Grammar with a Giggle for High School (Maupin House)


Good writing requires good editing..and learning to edit well will help students learn to write well!

Editor in Chief reinforces the rules of English by providing students with practice identifying spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage errors. Each activity includes a passage for students to read, in which are 1-4 content errors and 9-15 errors in spelling, mechanics, and grammar. Students identify and correct the mistakes, which helps identify any weak spots in students' understanding of grammar and usage. A detailed answer key and grammar guide are also included. 66 exercises total. Content is appropriate for grades 9-12+. 204 reproducible pages, softcover.

Editor in Chief Level 3 replaces Editor in Chief C1 and Editor in Chief C2

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Editor in Chief Level 3 (C1-C2 Combined)

Find the Errors! II: Proofreading Activities

Proofreaders, sharpen your pencils! This practical resource features 37 activity sheets packed with common errors camouflaged in humorous anecdotes. Lesson units focus on spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, usage and correct sentence structure. Lesson units focus on grammatical proofreading and editing for sense, making sure sentences are written in a way to convey the intended meaning. Common spelling mistakes are also emphasized, such as you're vs. your as well as words that illustrate common spelling rules, such as relieve. 74 pages with word list, activities and answer key included.

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Lifepac Language Arts, Grade 12, Complete Set

The LIFEPAC Language Arts complete set contains all 10 student workbooks for a full year of study plus the comprehensive Teacher's Guide. Also includes the required reader Hamlet.

Topics covered include:

  • The Worth of Words 
  • Structure of Language 
  • Read, Research, Listen 
  • Gift of Language 
  • English Literature 
  • Elizabethan Literature: Hamlet 
  • 17th-18th Century Literature 
  • Writing - Short Story, Poetry 
  • Poetry - Romantic, Victorian 
  • Looking Back

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