Lifepac Electives: Art, Complete Set

From perspective and portraiture to carving and cartooning, here's everything you need to guide your 12- to 18-year-olds in the study of art! This set includes 10 complete LIFEPACs---custom-designed for varying grade levels---plus a teacher's guide. Students learn about colors and shading, drawing figures, sculpture, printmaking, comics, calligraphy, art appreciation, and more. No previous knowledge required!

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In this book you will find the answers to questions about 100 different artists who played a significant role in the development of painting, sculpture and photography. Read the capsule biographies to learn how each artist discovered his or her own innovative style and the struggles they faced in their personal and professional lives. 100 Artists Who Shaped World History is organized chronologically and provides the reader with the essential facts and information in a concise and entertaining fashion.

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100 Artists (100 (Bluewood Books))


This conversational drawing-book combines casual text, simple lessons and quotes for the great artists for a fantastic introduction to drawing. Starting with the basics--"Draw lines, young man, draw lines!"--and incrementally growing towards the advanced--copying the masters and creating portait studies--students will learn about the steps it takes in order to become a truly good artist, as well as those who've already achieved such a distinction. Illustrations at each step of the way provide visual examples of the textual instructions. 116 pages, softcover with a blank "Sketchbook" included in the back. Five pen & ink cards are also included. Ages 13 & up. Supplies that are recommended to be purchased separately include: a drawing pencil set, an ultra fine black pen, calligraphy pen, pencil sharpener & a kneaded eraser.

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The Lamb's Book of Art 1

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How Great Thou Art: An Inspirational Approach to Drawing- Lesson & Sketch Book- A Teaching Text for Beginners and Intermediates, with Over 70 Daily Lessons


This conversational drawing-book combines casual text, simple lessons, scripture and artist quotations in a fantastic continuation of drawing instruction. Designed to follow How Great Thou Art Volume 1, this book can nevertheless be done as a separate course, as some of the lessons from the first will be reviewed. Starting with basics of ellipses and lines, students will discover how to draw anatomy, nature, still lifes, lettering, automobiles and various other interesting drawing studies. Illustrations at each step of the way provide visual examples of the instructions. 113 pages, softcover with a blank "Sketchbook" included in the back. Ages 13 & up; 85 lessons. Four pen and ink cards are also included.

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How Great Thou Art II: An Inspirational Approach to Drawing, Revised


Most of these assignments will encourage you to work from life. Working from life will teach you to see correctly and allow you to work more with light and form in your artwork. This is one of the critical cornerstones in building a foundation in drawing. So, persevere. Give How Great Thou Art your best effort, and we will see what you have accomplished by the end of the book. Ages 12 through adult. This is the Teachers Manual for How Great Thou Art I and II. It explicitly guides the teacher through each lesson.

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How Great Thou Art I & II, Teacher's Manual


Help students explore art history with this companion to Short Lessons In Art History.

Included in this revised edition are: 

  • Interesting and engaging activities 
  • New and revised discussion questions geared to students' interests and abilities 
  • Research projects that promote a deeper understanding of the lives and works of the artists

Grades 6-adult

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Exercises and Activities for Short Lessons in Art History

Artistic Pursuits Senior High Book One The Elements of Art and Composition

"A Comprehensive Art Program designed to involve the student in the creative process while developing observational skills." This book contains an emphasis on European Art.

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ARTistic Pursuits High School 9-12 Book One, The E

"A Comprehensive Art Program designed to involve the student in the creative process while developing observational skills."

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Art and the Bible

"The lordship of Christ should include an interest in the arts," writes Francis Schaeffer. "A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God."

Many Christians, wary of creating graven images, have steered clear of artistic creativity. But the Bible offers a robust affirmation of the arts. The human impulse to create reflects our being created in the image of a creator God.

Art and the Bible has been a foundational work for generations of Christians in the arts. In this book's classic essays, Francis Schaeffer first examines the scriptural record of the use of various art forms, and then establishes a Christian perspective on art. With clarity and vigor, Schaeffer explains why "the Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars."

Francis A. Schaeffer founded the L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland and was the author of many books. Until his death in 1984, he was also a noted speaker with a worldwide ministry. His ministry continues through his books, with over two million copies in print.

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This four-paged comprehensive guide is packed with information on how music is constructed, composed and performed. Laminated and three-hole punched for easy use.

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Introduction To Music, QuickStudy &#174 Chart

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Introduction To Music (Quickstudy: Academic)


Bach to Zappa, Banjo to Xylophone, this handy dictionary features definitions and pronunciations of musical terms; composer biographies; sections on music theory, notation, and transposition; instrument listings; and more. 336 pages, softcover from Alfred.

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Essential Dictionary of Music


June Montgomery and Maurice Hinson, both respected authors, clinicians and teachers, have combined forces to explore the stories of 17 composers who have enriched our lives with their beautiful music. These 17 units have been designed to give students an appreciation and understanding of the composers whose music they play. Each unit includes several features including important facts about the composer, the story of the composer's life, an interesting essay about the composer's music or about the time in which the composer lived, a fun activity sheet that reinforces what the student has learned, and a suggested listening section.

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Meet the Great Composers, Book 1 & CD

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Meet the Great Composers, Bk 1: Book & CD (Learning Link)

Theory Time: Workbook Series - Advanced Grade Nine

The Grade Nine workbook presents classification of intervals by type & size, inversion of intervals, major, minor, diminished & augmented triads, major & minor chords & primary chords in inversions, relative major & minor keys, 3 types of minor scales, parallel keys, authentic & half cadences, voice- leading rules, perfect & imperfect cadences, melody writing, transposition, circle of 5ths, vocabulary, ear-training and a review test. Free ear training videos for each ear training exercise are hosted on the Theory Time YouTube channel. This workbook includes 63 pages, 11 lessons and 4 Challenge Sheets.

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