With Art in Mind, Grade 3-8

These sixty are lessons represent the most enjoyable and successful lessons that the author, Patricia Parker Grobner, used during her thirty-three years of teaching art to children. Each lesson is based on important art elements and principles, and each helps the students develop basic skills that are useful in all areas of life and learning.

Since art training and resources are frequently limited, all of these lessons are based on simple, step-by-step procedures that can be followed easily by persons with little or no formal art background. The lessons use materials that can be obtained inexpensively and stored easily. They are appropriate for students ages eight through thirteen, with a color key indicating whether the lesson is best for younger (blue), intermediate (red), or older (yellow) students within that range. Many of the lessons can be used with even younger or older students. Their flexibility allows them to be used in any sequence or with a group of students of mixed ages. Older students will generally produce a more complex and skillfully accomplished result, but all can benefit from the thinking, learning, and doing processes involved. 

These lessons and their accompanying examples will aid you as you help your students enjoy art and learn from it. Pages viii-xiv provide helpful information and tips from Ms. Groebner and coordinating author Mary Ann Lumm on the teaching of art and the structure and goals of these lessons. You will profit from taking a few minutes to read those pages before beginning work on the lessons.

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Drawing Basics with Thomas Kinkade--DVD Curriculum

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to learn from the best! The Painter of Light himself teaches your budding artist the basics of realistic drawing, including line, shape, form, tone, space, and texture. His fun, skill-building exercises will help you learn to observe and re-create the world around you. For ages 8 to 12. Features five lessons on DVD, five student workbooks, and the teacher's guide.

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Lamb's Book of Art Pack, Revised

Introduce the basic principles of art with Barry Stebbings  The Lamb's Book of Art series! This kit includes volumes 1 and 2, as well as the teacher's guide for a complete art course. Students will learn color theory, drawing, anatomy, perspective, nature studies, portraits, cartooning, lettering, creative writing, portraits, nature scenes and more through clearly explained lessons, step-by-step illustrations, comprehension questions, and plenty of practice room. Volume 1 is designed to take one year, with volume 2 as a complementary text; either volume may be started first. Designed for ages 8-13. Volume 1 includes over 65 lessons; Volume 2 includes over 70 lessons.

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The Classical Kids Teaching Edition

Cultivate knowledge and appreciation of classical music with Susan Hammond's Classical Kids Teaching Edition set. Nine classical kids CDs, two DVD movies, and three bonus discs bring the music of Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky to life! This set comes in an attractive book-like case. Grades K-8. 

This kit includes: 

Teacher's resource CD with printable resources, including comprehensive teacher notes with background information, discussion topics, musical scores, activities, and worksheets, scripts for each CD, and slideshow discussion points. 

Slideshow DVD with hundreds of pictures of art, architecture, and fashion from the time of the composers-perfect for jumping off into new directions of interest, filling out unit studies, and providing ideal connections to art and social studies topics. 

The DVD movie Mr. Bach Comes to Call

DVD movie Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Music-only CD for background music, drama, or musical analysis 

9 Classical Kids CDs.

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Ready to Read Music: Sequential Lessons in Music Reading Readiness

Teach your 7- to 12-year-olds the basics behind making beautiful music! Althouse helps kids identify fundamental symbols and notations in four sequential units of eight lessons each. Covers staff, clefs, notes, rhythm, pitch, and tempo. Includes lesson review work sheets and answer key. 120 reproducible pages, spiral bound softcover from Alfred.

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Theory Time: Workbook Series - Theory Fundamentals Grade Three

The Grade Three workbook presents music alphabet, staff, rests, stem rule, drawing the treble clef, treble clef lines & spaces, drawing the bass clef, bass clef lines & spaces, measures, bar lines, double bar line, grand staff, intervals on a keyboard & staff, half & whole steps, sharps & flats, major scale pattern, major scales of C, F & G, rhythm drill, triads, vocabulary, ear-training and a review test. Free ear training videos for each ear training exercise are hosted on the Theory Time YouTube channel. The Grade Three workbook is appropriate for beginning 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th grade students. This workbook includes 67 pages, 17 Lessons and 7 Fun Sheets.

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