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The Ultimate Homeschool Planner: The Last Planner You Will Ever Need

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner: The Last Planner You Will Ever Need (Ring-bound)

The Ultimate Homeschool Plan Book is just what it sounds like--the last planner you will ever need to purchase!

Featuring ready-to-copy pages, this attractive planner can be used year after year after year. Simply choose which of the forms and sheets will be beneficial for you,make copies, and your set. And since you can photocopy and customize and change your planner from year to year, you will never have to purchase another! In addition to the every-imaginable worksheet and planning tool, THE ULTIMATE HOMESCHOOL PLAN BOOK features loads of articles to help guide you on your journey. You'll find article on how to schedule, how to balance your homeschool, organizing the home, budgeting your money and much more. After all we talked to hundreds of homeschoolers to find out what they wanted and needed in order to efficiently plan their homeschooling year. Then we created this planner to fill that need.

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K12 Journal: Electronic Grading & Recordkeeping CD-Rom Version 2.2

K12 Journal: Electronic Grading & Recordkeeping CD-Rom Version 2.2

Loaded with features that replace tedious manual record keeping---for any number of students! Create lesson plans * Record completed assignments, attendance, and test scores * Print report cards, transcripts, and grade summaries * Archive various administrative entries for completed school years * Generate record-spreads over any date range * Preview your entries in concise, spreadsheet-style format * Formerly titled e-HomeJournal * 80MB RAM * Windows 98/00/ME/XP

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The Homeschooler's Journal

Designed by a homeschooling family, this indispensable journal features a daily (Sunday through Saturday) subject log for over 200 days; field trip logs; check-off list for yearly requirements; calendars; semester objectives/resources pages; and more---plus a jelly-proof plastic cover to keep it safe on kitchen tables! For use with a unit-study curriculum or structured text method. 110 pages, spiralbound softcover from Ferg N' Us.

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The Homeschooler's High School Journal

Here's the perfect tool to maintain state-mandated or personal records of your homeschooling year. Includes calendars; a daily subject log for 200 days; pages to track annual requirements, field trips, objectives and resources, library lists, daily attendance, and more. There's plenty of room for jotting down regular activities, and a wide column on each 5-day planning section for additional notes. Spiralbound softcover, from Ferg N' Us.

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Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+u+la, Updated

Thinking of homeschooling through high school? Shelton did it---and you can, too, with her help! Jam-packed with ideas, information, and inspiration, this practical guide shows you how to convert real-life learning into senior high classes and credits, set up a master framework plan, keep accurate records, document grades, create transcripts, and much more. A resource no homeschool parent should be without! 425 pages, softcover from Homeschool Seminars.

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