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 Homeschool Reviews/Home School, Inc. Kindergarten Quick Start Curriculum Kit

Kindergarten Quick Start Curriculum Kit

Pick up what you need for kindergarten without stress--and with the assurance that you're providing the biblical foundations your children need for school and life! Faith-based, this collection will provide your kindergarteners with the academic skills needed for first-grade and beyond!

This Kit Includes:

  • Christian Liberty Press' Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book K
  • Christian Liberty Press' Adventures in Phonics Level A teacher & student book
  • Christian Liberty Press' Kindergarten Phonics Readers
  • Christian Liberty Press' Phonics Flashcards & Charts
  • Christian Liberty Press' Phonics Sound CD
  • Christian Liberty Press' In the Beginning book and pad
  • Christian Liberty Press' The World God Made student and teacher book
  • Christian Liberty Press' American People and Nation student and teacher book
  • Christian Liberty Press' Liberty Mathematics student and teacher book
  • Christian Liberty Press' Liberty Mathematics flashcards
  • Christian Liberty Press' Hearts and Hands math workbook
  • Christian Liberty Press' Celebrating Art
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    Learning at Home: Preschool & Kindergarten : A Christian Parent's Guide With Day-By-Day Lesson Plans Using the Library As a Resource [Spiral-bound]

    Now parents who homeschool preschoolers and kindergartners have help, too! Learning at Home is a comprehensive, year-long agenda filled with creative lesson plans and encouragement for parents. Written by a homeschool teacher, it prepares your children for elementary school in a Christian environment using the resources found in your public library. 272 pages, softcover from Noble.

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    The Weaver Curriculum: Interlock for Preschool and Kindergarten

    Teaching your 3- to 6-year-olds at home? You'll need a comprehensive game plan! Like interlocking pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the "building blocks" of this 37-week curriculum integrate Scripture, social studies, science, language, arithmetic, music, art, and physical education to help youngsters examine their world from a biblical viewpoint. Kids learn through cross-curricular, hands-on activities centered on a common theme. (For instance, one day they might read Genesis 1:11--13; sing "He Plants Me Like a Seed"; pull weeds in the garden; and play the language arts game "Plant Concentration.") A "Father's Devotional" facilitates Dad's active participation. Includes audiocassette. 466 pages, 3-ring binder.

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    The Noah Plan: Literature Curriculum Guide

    Instill a love of all types of literature in your students with this "biblical principle" plan. Slater's "research, reason, and relate" method advocates the reading of whole books, incorporating the entire curriculum---geography, history, science, math---in a whole life-learning approach. Includes course charts; instruction models; sample student notebook; and step-by-step teacher directions. Grades K to 12. 368 pages, softcover from F.A.C.E.

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    Big Kindergarten

    Value is in big supply here. Each of these colorfully illustrated resources combines 10 workbooks on various subjects in one affordable volume. Now it's easy to give your kids a plentiful supply of exercises for reviewing, reinforcing, and accelerating their skills! Grade-appropriate subjects include spelling, reading comprehension, addition and subtraction, science and more. This volume specifically covers Numbers 1-2, thinking skills, reading readiness, transition math, same or different, and beginning sounds. Big Kindergarten Workbook is a compilation of ten favorite workbook titles: Numbers 1-2, School Time Fun, Alphabet, Hidden Pictures, Does it Belong?, Thinking Skills, Transition Math, Beginning Sounds, Reading Readiness Book 1, Reading Readiness Book 2.

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     Early American History

    Early American History

    This study is designed for the teacher of American History who desires to impart to his or her students an understanding of the hand of God in the American saga. Seeing God's hand in the events of the past gives us vision and hope for the future. It is the author's belief that using literature or "living books" will lead students on a path of believing the principle best articulated in the words of Benjamin Franklin, "God rules in the affairs of men." Utilizes America's Providential History by Mark Beliles and Stephen McDowell and the D'Aulaire books. Older students may also want to utilize Teaching and Learning America's Christian History by Rosalie Slater, The Christian History of the Constitution by Verna Hall, and The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall. These additional materials (as well as materials that may not be mentioned) will need to be purchased or borrowed for use with the study guide. For grades K-3, 110 lessons cover from 1000AD -the Vikings through the Civil War. The following books accompany Early American History:

     Leif the Lucky, Columbus, Pocahontas, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Buffalo Bill, *Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims, * Pilgrim Stories, The Pilgrims of Plimoth, Meet Abraham Lincoln, * A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution, *The Matchlock Gun, The Courage of Sarah Noble, *The Fourth of July, *George Washington's Breakfast, *The Winter at Valley Forge,  *Jamestown, New World Adventure, America's Providential History

    Books with a *star are only available at Amazon.

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     Early American History Time Line

    Early American History Time Line

    This Time Line is designed for the student to assemble as they study the corresponding persons and events in America's rich history. As the student cuts, pastes and colors the figures, it should reinforce a continuity of key events in the time period. Students should be encouraged to do this as an art project.

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    Comprehensive Curriculum Plus Test Practice, Preschool

    Comprehensive Curriculum plus test practice for grade Pre K provides practice of basic skills.

    • Full color
    • Basic concepts
    • Writing readiness
    • Reading readiness
    • Math readiness
    • Kindergarten screening guide
    • Skills checklist

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