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Award-Winning Kindergarten Curriculum

What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know

Elements a parent or educator should look for in a good kindergarten program and activities that can help a child take the first steps in learning to read and write. Includes familiar and favorite poems, fairy tales, fables, history and geography, visual arts, music math, science, and more.

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten [Paperback]

This book is designed to review many of the concepts and skills addressed in pre-school, or possibly at home. Due to the level, parent involvement is a necessity. You will need to read the directions to your child before he/she can begin to work. In some cases you will read the directions as your child works. One Factor built into the book is the opportunity for your child to communicate verbally, which is an essential part of your child's development. Use every page to its fullest potential by talking about the pictures. Many times the directions will focus on a topic about which you and your child can converse. Don't limit yourselves to the topics. Feel free to expand or change the topic to focus on your child's interests. This will help in increase vocabulary, practice correct usage of verb forms, concentrate on speaking in complete sentences and even build self-confidence. Some page themes may inspire a real life hands on experience such as making an ice cream sundae. Hands-on experiences are a wonderful learning tool especially for the young. See how many experiences you and your child can share!

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Comprehensive Curriculum Plus Kindergarten  Screening Guide Grade Pre-K

Comprehensive Curriculum Plus Kindergarten Screening Guide Grade Pre-K

Comprehensive Curriculum plus test practice for grade Pre K provides practice of basic skills.

  • Full color
  • Basic concepts
  • Writing readiness
  • Reading readiness
  • Math readiness
  • Kindergarten screening guide
  • Skills checklist

Softcover, 615 pages.

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Kindergarten Assessment Handbook

Kindergarten Assessment Handbook

A ready-to-use collection of assessments that are meaningful, ongoing, and systematic so you can track your kindergartners' progress in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing throughout the year. Includes observational and anecdotal record sheets, reading and writing interviews, a family survey, and diagnostic placement tests that record children's levels on a variety of tasks, including concepts about print and book handling, oral language development, letter recognition, and phonological awareness and portfolio suggestions.

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 Book 1: Beyond the Back Door Grades K5-1, Updated  Version

Book 1: Beyond the Back Door Grades K5-1, Updated Version

Maintain and strengthen academic skills over the summer with this K5 to 1st grade Vacation Station activity book! Two pages a day provides review in math, language, reading with a special emphasis on phonics & counting skills; topics are explored through games, word completions, matching exercises, drawing, identification, and simple math programs. 120 pages, softcover; answer key features reduced student pages with the correct answers overlaid. Designed for K5 students moving into Grade 1.

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