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    Award-Winning Eighth Grade Curriculum
    Learning on Purpose: A Self-Management Approach to  Study Skills Grades 9-12

    Learning on Purpose: A Self-Management Approach to Study Skills Grades 9-12

    This book helps older children develop effective study skills for better academic performance and higher test scores! This step-by-step approach to study skills, skillful learning and personal management helps older children take control of their own learning. Methods: Learning On Purpose allows each child to work independently at his or her own pace. The lessons teach children to: evaluate learning strengths and goals. manage mental habits. improve understanding and memory prioritize and maximize study time customize their study environment identify and solve study problems Features: Each chapter begins with an introduction to the skill followed by examples for reinforcement. Activity sheets help students apply what they,ve learned. Each chapter can stand alone, but all chapters come together to emphasize skillful, confident, thoughtful studying. Reading level- Grade 7 Ability level- Grades 7-12, 172 activities, 320 pages. Reproducible for single home use.

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