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    Award-Winning Seventh Grade Curriculum

    This homeschool product specifically reflects a Christian worldview.Lifepac Language Arts, Grade 7, Complete Set

    The LIFEPAC Language Arts complete set contains all 10 student workbooks for a full year of study plus the comprehensive Teacher's Guide. Also includes the required reader The Hiding Place.

    Topics covered include:

    • Word Usage
    • More Word Usage
    • Biographies
    • Language Structure
    • Nature of English
    • Mechanics of English
    • The Novel
    • Literature
    • Compositions
    • Looking back

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     Switched-On Schoolhouse 2012 Grade 7 Language Arts

    Switched-On Schoolhouse 2012 Grade 7 Language Arts

    Build and strengthen communication skills with SOS Language Arts. Sequential instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking are taught in integrated units of reading and writing during the elementary grades, while middle and high school students work on individual elements. Creating an ever-increasing base of grammatical knowledge, this interactive, multi-media filled program will engage and develop vital English skills.

    SOS 2012 Language Arts Grade 7 teaches composition and literature, including nonfiction, communication, and pronunciation, biographies, formal and informal English, parts of speech, and mechanics and structure of the English language.

    New for Switched-On Schoolhouse 2012:

  • Customizable transcript
  • Past-due report
  • Free-form, text-based parent journal
  • Improved print flexibility
  • F3 Student Search function
  • Parent Toolbox with Reading and Activity Logs
  • Bible Lookup
  • Attendance tracker for multiple students
  • New themes, avatars, audiofeedback, graphic theme selecter, enhanced custom assignment editor, user interface, and additional upgrades!

    SOS 2012 System Requirements:
    Note: XP users MUST have Service Pack 3 Installed.
    Vista users MUST have Service Pack 1 installed prior to installation.
    Vista & Windows 7 Aero users are strongly recommended to meet the optimal performance requirements.
    Only English Language versions of Microsoft, Windows XP, Vista, and 7 are supported.

    XP Service Pack 3
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7
    Microsoft IE 7 or higher Microsoft IE 7 or higher Microsoft IE 7 or higher
    1 GHz or higher processor;
    1+ GHz for optimal performance.
    1 GHz or higher processor;
    1.5 GHz for optimal performance.
    1 GHz or higher processor;
    1.5 GHz for optimal performance.
    512 MB RAM;
    1 GB for optimal performance.
    1 GB RAM (2GB for 64 bit);
    2 GB for optimal performance.
    1 GB RAM (2 GB for 64 bit);
    2 GB for optimal performance.
    1 GB Hard Drive Space (2 GB for 64-bit);
    1 GB for optimal performance.
    1 GB RAM (2GB for 64 bit);
    2 GB for optimal performance.
    1 GB RAM (2 GB for 64 bit);
    2 GB for optimal performance.
    CD-ROM Drive
    CD-ROM Drive CD-ROM Drive
    Adobe Reader
    Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
    Printer Recommended
    Printer Recommended Printer Recommended
    1024 x 768 or higher, 16-bit color  
    1024 x 768 or higher, 16-bit color  
    1024 x 768 or higher, 16-bit color
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    Writing Grammar Grade 7, Third Edition Kit

    Writing and Grammar Grade 7, Third Edition Homeschool Kit

    Learn the elements of the English language needed for success! Correct grammar and a fluent writing style are fast becoming necessary requirements in our fast-paced world for academics and for life. Writing & Grammar 7 focuses on the eight parts of speech, five basic sentence patterns, and an emphasis on correct grammatical usage. Reference materials such as dictionaries, libraries, study & composition skills are also discussed.

    Kit Includes:

  • Student Worktext
  • Teacher's Edition
  • Tests & Answer Keys
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     Shurley English Level 5 Kit

    Shurley English Level 5 Kit

    Nurture a love of the English language along with an understanding of how it's correctly used, with Shurley English. Appealing to all styles of learners, students will repeatedly practice old and new skills, developing their mastery of English in reading, writing and even thinking skills.

    This kit is comprised of the student workbook and the teacher's manual. Encouraging student-teacher interaction, the teacher manual is arranged by comprehensive chapters that include everything needed for the lesson, including jingles, exercises, lessons, study, test, check, writing activities and more. Lessons are scripted, with directions for student italicized, important concepts and words bolded, and charts included to help you and the students visualize each idea. Student page numbers are referenced to help both parent and child easily find their respective places. "How to get started" and "jingle guidelines" provide additional hints and information for the teacher. Answers for the student practice and tests (included in the student workbook) are included chronologically. 458 three-hole-punched pages, softcover.

    Divided into a jingle section, reference section, practice section, and a test section, students will need to flip to the necessary section in order to complete their lesson practice. The jingle section contains the lyrics to all the jingles, while the practice section provides a variety of activities, including matching, editing, multiple-choice, short answer, writing exercises, charts and other forms of written skill practice. Each test in the test section is divided into four areas: grammar, vocabulary, language skills and a weekly summary; tests involve a variety of questions that should be familiar from the practice section. The Reference section contains vocabulary words, a beginning set up plan, general reference notes, samples, and charts. 112 pages, softcover.

    A CD with the jingles and introductory sentences is also included in this kit. This level 5 kit covers the eight parts of speech; sentence types; sentence structure; capitalization, reference, usage, verbs, pronouns; adjectives, punctuation; letter, expository, persuasive, descriptive, narrative, creative and journal writing; poetry; and figures of speech.

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