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    Award-Winning First Grade Curriculum
    Making The Grade: Everything Your 1st Grader Needs To Know

    Making The Grade: Everything Your 1st Grader Needs To Know

    A brand-new title in this important series gives parents easy-to-apply methods for helping to educate their children who are starting in first grade. It's a combination manual and advice book, suitable both for parents cooperating with their child's teachers in standard classroom settings, and for home schoolers, where parents take direct control of their child's studies.

    Making the Grade books are not textbooks, but practical curriculum guides. Written by authorities in elementary education, they advise parents on books, software, and other teaching tools. Each book presents guiding principles for teaching reading, writing, math, social studies, and science. Pages are perforated for multipurpose use. Each title in the series contains four curriculum sections:

    • Promoting literacy - reading, writing, listening, and speaking
    • Math - number patterns, problem solving, and other math-related concepts
    • Science - life, earth, and physical sciences
    • Social Studies - history, geography, economics, and culture
    Each section outlines subject matter to be covered, augmented with planning and implementation strategies for parents and teachers. Advice includes ways to explain difficult concepts to children, suggestions for interactive learning in music and art, activities to promote hands-on learning experiences, and more. Sections titled "In Your Community" describe ways to integrate local cultural affairs, business activities, environmental concerns, and government functions with a child's education. Though written primarily for parents, this book will appeal to kindergarten teachers looking for new ideas and methods. It features maps, photos, and illustrations, many in color.

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    What Every Parent Needs to Know About 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grades

    What Every Parent Needs to Know About 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grades

    Parents acting as informed consumers can transform our schools. What Every Parent Needs to Know....takes you inside exciting classrooms where children are challenged to become thinkers, problem-solvers and enthusiastic learners. You will learn how children become readers and writers, how children learn math, science, and social studies skills, how to survive homework, what the debate over phonics, whole language and invented spelling is all about, and how to best work with your child's teacher

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    Learning Center - 1st Grade

    Learning Center - 1st Grade

    With School Zone's "First Grade Learning Center," students review, reinforce, and accelerate learning! This kit contains four workbooks: "Math Basics 1," "Spelling Puzzles 1," "Vocabulary Puzzles 1," and "Time, Money, and Fractions 1-2." Each of these workbooks has 30 activities complete with answers. Topics in "Math Basics 1" include numerals 1-12, place values, sums & differences, less than & more than, before & after, and addition & subtraction. "Spelling Puzzles 1" covers beginning sounds, ending sounds, short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, antonyms, and alphabetical order. "Vocabulary Puzzles 1" covers parts of speech, singular & plural, compound words, rhyming words, antonyms, and letter sounds. "Time, Money & Fractions 1-2" teaches counting coins, adding coins, congruent parts, fractional meanings, telling time to the quarter hour, and minutes in an hour. Also included in this kit is a "First Grade Scholar" workbook. This book introduces a lively selection of first grade language arts, math, science, and social studies exercises. On-page activities are supplemented by additional practice activities, jokes and riddles, vocabulary words, and fun facts. Skills include: alphabetizing, consonant & vowel sounds, addition & subtraction, synonyms & antonyms, recognizing parts of a story, and critical thinking. Also included in this comprehensive learning kit are two packs of flash cards. The "Beginning Sight Words" cards contain 110 basic words printed on 55 cards. "Math War" is an exciting flash card game that helps children learn and practice addition and subtraction facts while having fun. Fifty-four game cards plus an answer card and a parent card are included. Workbooks are non-reproducible

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     Vacation Stations Book 2: Wheels Westward (between Grades 1 & 2)

    Vacation Stations Book 2: Wheels Westward (between Grades 1 & 2)

    Your elementary students can maintain and extend academic skills over the summer or anytime with our Vacation Stations activity books. Just two pages a day provide review in math, language, and reading. This workbook is designed to be a summer program that will reinforce and review the previous years work. For 1st grade going into 2nd. Based on Wheels Westward.

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