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    Lifepac Science Grade 10: Science Experiments on DVD

    Lifepac Science Grade 10: Science Experiments on DVD

    Experience science from the field! We sent seven scavengers coast to coast to hunt down answers to our messiest scientific questions. What makes frogs slimy? How fast does a flytrap's trap shut? Where do hamburgers really come from? Come along for the ride as they meet with experts in the field to explore everything from beef and bugs to frogs and fungi. Then, scrape the mud off your shoes before heading back to the loft where host Rob Gwinn demonstrates easy-to-follow experiments.

    Whether used as a companion to the LIFEPAC science curriculum, or as enrichment for budding scientists, Alpha Omega's science video series will offer a helpful, step-by-step demonstration of experiments. The mission is underway, so lace up your boots, throw on your packs, and get ready to discover!

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    Biology Projects for Young Scientists

    Biology Projects for Young Scientists

    Contains a variety of experiments and activities for high school students on the topics of cell structure, microorganisms, body systems, growth and development, genetics and evolution. Easy-to-follow instructions for experiments. Seven chapters plus additional helps, i.e. glossary, reading list, and more.

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    Biology Coloring Workbook

    Biology Coloring Workbook

    For a biology student attempting to memorize the stages of cell division or understand basic genetics, straight memorization from textbooks or lecture notes can be a frustrating and laborious exercise.

    Biology Coloring Workbook is a breakthrough approach to studying the science of life. Learning interactively through coloring fixes biological concepts in the mind and promotes quick recall on exams. Rather than learning cell structure by forcing yourself to memorize the name and function of each organelle, you can benefit from reviewing your own colorful portrait of the cell.

    Inside are nearly 150 plates of clear and precise computer-generated artwork that are accompanied by a thorough explanation of each topic. Complex biology subjects are explained through clear and simple drawings. Coloring suggestions are providede to help you complete each lesson, and each plate is labeled for easy identification and reference. Biology Coloring Workbook follows the standard organization of introductory textbooks, making it the ideal study companion.

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