Kindle: A Great Tool for Home School

Mar 18, 2012
Author: Sherri Jones

This year, since my daughter is in the eighth grade, she has had to do a lot more reading for her school work. She is having to read classics for literature and since her history is literature based, she is reading a lot of books for that as well. I try to get as many books from the library as possible. Since we have a lot of homeschoolers in our area, I end up competing for the library books I need. So trying to get them when they come up in the curriculum has been a little bit of a challenge. Over a year ago, we bought an Amazon Kindle, because my perfect eye sight has been not so perfect. Reading from the Kindle helps, because I can make the letters bigger. We found out that Amazon has many Kindle classical books for free!  Rather than feeling the frustration of not being able to borrow the books I need from the library, I have been able to load the books for free from Amazon to my Kindle. For example, in September I had put on hold at our local library the book, "Tale of Two Cities." I needed it this January, but it was still on hold. Rather than get in a tizzy about it, I searched Amazon, I found that I could load it in seconds onto my Kindle for free! Problem solved! So our Kindle has become more than a help to my aging eyes, but a great help to homeschooling. The other great thing is that  the Kindle will hold over 3000 books. They will even archive your books for you, for free, and you can reload them onto your Kindle at anytime for free! Now I would rather have my daughter read actual books, but if I can't get them when I need them from the library, short of buying them and filling up my already full bookshelf, having them on Kindle is the next best thing. I have been so excited to share this with you, because using my Kindle for homeschooling has made my job as a homeschool mom, so much easier! Once you purchase your Kindle, there are no monthly fees, with the exception of the Kindle Fire. All Kindle edition books are priced at free to much more reasonably priced than any regular book. To take a look at the Kindle and their great features, check out the link to the Amazon Kindle here!
Have a great day!
Sherri Jones 

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