Scholarships for Homeschoolers?

With homeschooling becoming more and more popular, a lot of colleges are accepting homeschooled students just like other students. If you are looking for financial help, most scholarships don't exclude homeschool students from applying, but they do have to meet the minimum test (SAT & ACT) scores to qualify.

How To Apply For Scholarships

Planning for college is a two-year process. And unless a rich uncle is going to write that $30,000 check for you, it is going to involve acquiring and submitting financial aid forms, scholarship applications, and grant applications. But don't despair. By following the suggestions below, and by carefully monitoring the process, you should be buying college textbooks before you know it. Keep in mind, however, that this is a process; it isn't like taking one test and getting an A. It requires diligence, double-checking, and follow-up.

When you are a high school JUNIOR:

In the FALL of your SENIOR year:

In the SPRING of your SENIOR year:

Now celebrate! You are about to enter one of the most amazing times of your life, and one that will change you forever. Make the most of your college experience, and remember to study. It is important to maintain your GPA so that you can maintain your scholarships throughout your college career.

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