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Our advisors spend time every week answering many questions. For the benefit of our readers we have chosen to make a few of them public. You can submit a question to our advisors too!

Going Beyond the Books

Question: Sherri, what is your favorite non-traditional lesson?

Answer: The best non traditional lesson is finding books of interest to my children... (read full article)

Sherri, why do you homeschool?

Question: Sherri, why do you homeschool?

Answer: We homeschool because we wanted to be in control of our children's education... (read full article)

Creating High School Transcripts for Homeschoolers

Question: Would like to know what high school transcript form you would recommend and where to find it?

Answer: There is a book for homeschooling the high schooler, called Senior High: A Home Designed Formula. This practical guide shows you how to... (read full article)

Independent Reading Advice for my 3rd Grader

Question: I am homeschooling a 3rd grader and a Kindergartener. My question is in regards to my 3rd grader. I want to assign him a certain amount of independent reading but I am unsure how much to assign and whether I should then test him on any of the independant reading. Also, should the required independent reading include both fiction and non-fiction? I feel that it probably should but would like some guidance on how to incorporate this into our regular work.

Answer: Choose books that are of interest to your 3rd grader. This is especially important, because it may affect the amount of time your student spends independently reading... (read full article)

What about socialization?

Question: What about socialization?

Answer: People who are against home schooling often argue that home schoolers lack social skills because they have less contact with other children their age. (read full article)

How can I obtain a diploma for my highschooler and give them credits for their work?

Question: How can I obtain a diploma for my highschooler and give them credits for their work?

Answer: It depends on if you want a state recognized diploma or simply an unofficial one. During your child's 8th grade year start thinking about the direction you want to take to complete high school. (read full article)

How can I decide on which curriculum is best for my children?

Question: How can I decide on which curriculum is best for my children?

Answer: Our bookstore is designed to make it easy to find the subjects you need to teach your child. Before you buy curriculum, try to figure out whether a workbook-style curriculum or a textbook-style curriculum would be best for your child(ren). (read full article)

What if my child wants to learn something I can't teach?

Question: What if my child wants to learn something I can't teach?

Answer: Most children are capable of teaching themselves a subject they are interested in. Provide them the appropriate materials and books (such as from the library) and let them go with it. Remember that one of the best ways to homeschool your child is to learn something along side them. (read full article)

How do I keep grades?

Question: How do I keep grades?

Answer: My opinion on grades are a little different. It is not that I am against giving grades, but I just handle it differently. (read full article)

Is homeschooling legal?

Question: Is homeschooling legal?

Answer: Yes, homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, but the laws do vary in each state. Go to our resources section to find out the homeschooling laws in your state. (read full article)

Am I qualified to homeschool my children?

Question: Am I qualified to homeschool my children?

Answer: The first qualification you already have. It is the desire to do what is best for your children. You don't need a teacher's degree. Remember, the basic qualifications to educate your children at home are determination, patience and love. (read full article)

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